‘Scandal’ Recap: Abby Discovers Olivia’s Shocking Secret

After their epic feud, Olivia and Abby teamed up to get Hollis Doyle out of the presidential race. But did Rowan present Abby with an offer she couldn't refuse? Check out our recap now! It was all about getting Hollis Doyle out of the presidential race on the May 5 episode of Scandal, but would Olivia still be able to get Mellie in the White House. Plus, Edison started to really regret working with Jake and Rowan.

Hollis Doyle had taken the lead in the poll, so everything was terrible. Quinn was super pumped that Abby and Olivia were working together to demolish Hollis for the benefit of their candidates.

However, the second that Abby walked away, Olivia needed dirt on Susan. She still wanted Mellie in the Oval more than she wanted her friendship with Abby. And Abby was thinking the same thing.

Olivia had a quick meeting with Cyrus, who was still obsessed with Vargas. Cyrus truly thought Vargas was the real deal, but he was still losing to Edison. Olivia gave Cyrus a tidbit of information — Vargas was losing to Rowan.

As Olivia met with Cyrus, Rowan met with Abby. He had dirt on Mellie, she just needed to take it. But Rowan played real dirty. He told Abby that Olivia aborted Fitz’s baby!

Abby, with this new information, still went back to OPA to work with Olivia. The two frenemies threw all the ideas out there to take down Hollis — rapist, racist, etc. Nothing worked. His numbers just went up.

You Don’t Mess With Command

Meanwhile, Edison was just shocked that Hollis was taking over the election. He couldn’t believe it was happening. Rowan decided to rip Edison a new one. Rowan told Edison to just wait for his time and to not “make him angry.” Edison already had a list of VP candidates, but Rowan was only thinking of one person — JAKE!

Abby continued to debate using the dirt she had on Olivia to get Susan ahead of Mellie. Don’t do it, Abby! When Olivia returned home, Rowan was waiting for her. He urged her to take Hollis’ deal, which would make Mellie his VP. If Olivia didn’t take the deal, Abby would. Rowan tried to tell Olivia that Abby wasn’t trustworthy, but Olivia refused to believe Abby would go that far.

But that didn’t mean Olivia was about to let Abby win. Olivia had a secret meeting with Hollis and took his deal. But was it ploy?

Edison tried to break it easy to Jake that he wasn’t considering him for VP. Jake picked him apart. Edison had no choice in this matter. This was Rowan’s call, and if he didn’t comply, there would be hell to pay. Jake made sure to ram that notion home by bringing up a past car accident. “That wasn’t an accident,” Jake said. “That was me.”

Goodbye, Hollis Doyle

Because Olivia would never willingly make a deal with Hollis, her meeting with Hollis was just a power play. Olivia recorded their entire conversation — in which Hollis revealed his disgust for certain American people — and Sally played it on The Liberty Report! Needless to say, Hollis’ campaign TANKED.

Olivia and Abby celebrated their success with a glass of wine at OPA. It was almost like old times. But now that Hollis was out, they were at odds again. “Abby, I’m not going to hold back,” Olivia warned.

Olivia went to see Edison to reveal what was really going on with Rowan. To Rowan, Edison wasn’t the best candidate, he was easy to control. Olivia begged Edison to drop out of the race and promised she would protect him. She also assured him that he would have another run the next time around. In order to ruin his chances for this election, he TRASHED Hollis to the press. Edison eventually conceded, which made Vargas the Democratic nominee.

Rowan was shocked to see that Edison had disobeyed him. He was pretty pissed that Jake wasn’t able to get him in line. But they weren’t just dealing with Edison — they were dealing with Olivia.

Dirty Deals & Shocking Secrets

Huck and Quinn came up with dirt good enough for Susan to drop out. Over at the White House, Abby brought in a secret service agent, who basically confirmed Olivia’s abortion. Abby called Olivia and asked for a meeting at the White House. Oh my god.

Olivia brought her whole team in. She wanted both teams to reveal their dirt and see who wanted to drop out. If one side dropped out, the dirt would be buried forever. Dear lord, will Abby drop the biggest Scandal bombshell in front of everyone?!

Olivia revealed that David took the dirty deal with the Florida governor so Susan would get the nomination. A stunned Susan said she was out after that. She couldn’t take another betrayal from David. Abby decided she couldn’t destroy Olivia, so she just said that Mellie hired a psychic to talk to Jerry after he died.

Susan wasn’t joking about dropping out of the election. She was so furious with David. She was really upset that he didn’t believe in her. She knew she was fantastic. She just wished he thought so, too. Susan broke up with David, but after he left, she fell apart.


Mellie was so happy that she was the Republican nominee. She celebrated with Marcus — who had been her source of confidence the entire time — before her big speech. They ALMOST kissed. And now I need it to really happen ASAP.

Olivia visited Abby’s with a bottle of wine. She knew Abby was hiding something. Olivia begged Abby to tell her what else she had on Mellie. Abby opened up and revealed she knew about the abortion. Olivia admitted it would have been a smart campaign move, but it wouldn’t have hurt Olivia. She wasn’t ashamed of what she did.

“It would have hurt him,” Olivia said. “And not just publicly. Abby, he doesn’t know. No one knows.”

Olivia was curious to find out who told Abby, but it wasn’t hard to figure out. Rowan was the culprit. Abby said, “I don’t think he’s done with you.”

Rowan and Jake paid Edison a little visit. When Rowan left Jake alone with Edison, Jake used that moment to issue an SOS. “Tell Liv I want out,” he told Edison. “Tell her I’m chasing the sun.”

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