Prince’s Addiction: Mayte Garcia & Apollonia Shocked By His Drug Use — Had No Idea

Even those closest to Prince weren't aware of the deep issues it seems he had at the end of his life. The singer's exes, Apollonia and Mayte Garcia, along with other friends, were completely in the dark about his drug addiction, has EXCLUSIVELY learned -- and they're shocked over the new revelations. Apollonia and Mayte Garcia are completely devastated over Prince's death, but learning about his secret drug use has completely intensified their shock. It turns out the late singer's oldest friends had no idea what he was struggling with at the end of his life, and they're learning about it right along with the rest of us right now. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop.

“While some of those close to Prince during his final days may have known what was going on with him, many of his long-time friends and exes over the years had no idea,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Much of what has come out since his death about his drug use and alleged health issues has blown away his old friends. His ex-girlfriends and others close to him are in shock that Prince may have had a double life. Mayte and Apollonia had no idea — no one really knew. We were all shocked to hear the news.”

As we previously reported, Dr. Howard Kornfeld from Recovery Without Walls in California confirmed via his attorney that Prince’s camp contacted him on April 20 because the 57-year-old was “dealing with a grave medical emergency.” He was all set to meet with Prince on April 22 to help him stabilize him and bring him to California for treatment, and even sent his son, Andrew, to Paisley Park on the 21st for a preliminary meeting.

However, when Andrew arrived, Prince was nowhere to be found, and the doctor’s son was actually one of the few people on-hand when the “Purple Rain” singer’s unresponsive body was found in an elevator.

“The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan,” Howard’s attorney explained. “The doctor was planning on a life-saving mission.” Sadly, it was just too late.

Prince’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, as autopsy and toxicology reports are still being completed. However, even before all this information came out, officials admitted they were considering overdose as a possibility, which is definitely seeming more and more likely now. So sad.

HollywoodLifers, do you think it’s strange that those close to Prince didn’t know about his problems with drugs?

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