‘Chicago Med’: Dr. Rhodes & Officer Roman Learn Not Everything Is As It Seems — Watch

It looks like once again 'Chicago Med' will be pulling at our heartstrings. In this emotional exclusive clip, we see Dr. Rhodes trying to help a patient who appeared to hit his wife, then run into oncoming traffic. Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) always gets the tough ones. This week on Chicago Med, Officer Roman (Brian Geraghty) heads into the hospital with a yelling patient who just was hit by a car. He explained it as "karma," since the man was spotted hitting his wife, then when people jumped in to help, he was hit by a car. However, when his wife comes in to be with him, she reveals the husband actually has a life-changing condition. Grab your tissues.

“He’s not abusive; he has Lewy Body Dementia,” the patient’s wife yells to the doctor’s who quickly realize the treatment will definitely be done differently. With that, Officer Roman asks what exactly that it. “Alzheimers meets parkinson,” as Dr. Rhodes describes it.

Here’s the full episode description:

When Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Downey (guest star Gregg Henry) treat a patient with a multitude of health and heart issues, they uncover he might be misdiagnosed and disagree over the best course of action. Dr. Choi (Brian Tee), riding along with paramedic Sylvie Brett (guest star Kara Killmer), responds to a call for a man with a leg injury, but complications arise in getting to him since the home is wrought with excessive hoarding. Meanwhile, treating a patient who was bitten by her own dog, Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) have suspicions about the reason for the injury and what it might mean.

Meanwhile, Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) ensures that everyone is on their best behavior when the Joint Commission makes a surprise visit to Chicago Med to evaluate and rate the hospital’s standards.

Chicago Med airs on NBC on May 3 at 9PM on NBC.

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