Claude Shannon: Google Marks 100th Birthday Of Mathematician — 5 Things To Know

April 30 marks the 100th birthday of mathematician Claude Shannon, who is credited as being the father of the information age. To celebrate, Google has given Claude his own doodle on the landmark occasion. But who is Claude and why is he worth celebrating? Let us tell you here! Claude Shannon would've been 100-years-old on Apr. 30, and to celebrate that Google has honored the mathematician with a special doodle. But why is Claude so revered among his peers that led to him being called the father of the information age? Click down to read 5 fascinating facts about the genius below!

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Who Is Claude Shannon?
Image Credit: Courtesy of Google

1. Claude created information theory with a landmark paper

Called ‘A Mathematical Theory of Communication’ it was an article drafted in 1948 and published in 1949 as a book with the slight title change, ‘The Mathematical Theory of Communication.’ The piece laid out the basic elements of communication, including a information source that produces a message, a transmitter, a channel, a receiver and a destination.

2. He founded digital circuit design theory

Claude is equally as well known for creating digital circuit design theory in 1937, which he wrote in his thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aged just 21, his thesis demonstrated that electrical applications Boolean algebra could construct any logical, numerical relationship.

3. Where did he grow up?

Claude was born in Petoskey, Michigan in 1916 and grew up nearby in Gaylord, Michigan. His father Claude Sr. was a descendant of the early settlers of New Jersey, who was a judge of probate. His mother Mabel Wolf was a language teacher, and later a principal at Gaylord High School.

4. His childhood hero turned out to be a relative

As a aspiring mathematician and scientist, Claude idolized Thomas Edison, who was famous for developing the phonograph and the motion picture camera, among other things. It turned out that Thomas was in fact a distant cousin, with both descendants of colonial leader, John Ogden.

5. He wasn’t just a brainiac  

Claude may have been super smart, but he did have some hobbies outside of his studies. He was fascinated by juggling, unicycling and chess. He invented juggling machines, as well as a flame-throwing trumpet!

HollywoodLifers, how are you going to celebrate Claude’s 100th birthday? Tell us what you think of his achievements below!

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