Taylor Swift: ‘Becky’ Meme Revived As Fans Joke She’s Muse For Beyonce ‘Good Hair’ Lyric

Tumblr-ites are having tons of fun with Beyonce's infamous 'Becky with the good hair' lyrics, because it's given them a chance to bring back a legendary meme! 'No its becky' [sic] has finally resurfaced, and it's going crazy on Twitter and Tumblr. Sorry, Taylor Swift! Click through to see the memes! The old Tumblr meme "no its becky," [sic] which pokes fun at Taylor Swift, 26, has obviously resurfaced since Beyonce, 34, destroyed the internet by including the lyric "Becky with the good hair" in her new album, Lemonade! Tumblr users have taken to Twitter to point out that they definitely know who Beyonce's talking about in "Sorry" -- that infamous Becky!

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Taylor Swift Becky
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Okay, so for those of you who don’t live on Tumblr, let’s get a little meme lesson! “No its becky” started as a massive joke several years ago, when someone jokingly posted a pic of a young Taylor, and said that it was their friend Becky; she had died after “snorting marijuana at a party.” Someone pointed out that it was actually Taylor, and another person commented, “no its becky.”History was made the day.

Things progressed to an whole other level when Taylor was spotted walking around NYC in 2014 wearing a t-shirt that said “no its becky.” Oh. My. God. Not only is that hilarious, it just proved that Taylor basically lives on Tumblr, and sees everything that everyone posts. How cool is that? It’s only fitting that people freaked out when Beyonce mentioned “Becky with the good hair” in her new song:



Okay, even though Becky is slang for a white girl, and Taylor really does have fabulous hair, nobody actually thinks she’s the terrible woman cheating with the dude mentioned in Beyonce’s song. This meme is all in good fun, and has been around for years! But we bet Taylor isn’t going to wear that tee for awhile!

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