8 Women Jay Z Allegedly Cheated On Beyonce With — Is One Of These Women ‘Becky’?

The Beyhive is on the hunt for 'Becky with the good hair' after Beyonce called out Jay Z for cheating on her! Fingers are pointed at Rachel Roy, but there have been several other women in Jay's life that could be the now infamous mistress. Click through the gallery to see them all! Who is "Becky"? That's the burning question for Beyonce's fans after her new album Lemonade exposed Jay Z for cheating on her with "Becky with the good hair." But even with Rachel Roy at the center of the affair drama now, she's not the only one that Jay Z has been rumored to be cheating on Beyonce with over the years. In fact, there's seven other "Becky" possibilities!

Women Jay Z Cheated With
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None of the eight women Jay Z allegedly cheated with happen to be named Becky, making this whole situation all the more confusing. Despite the rather large number of “suspects,” though, Rachel is certainly the easiest to pinpoint. She’s the woman behind Beyonce’s sister Solange‘s elevator attack on Jay Z in 2014, when rumors had claimed that Jay’s “close” relationship with Rachel had gone further than just friendship. And after Beyonce sang about “Becky with the good hair” on her track “Sorry” (which totally calls out a man for cheating) Rachel posted a cryptic Instagram about having good hair…and that did not help her situation whatsoever!

Rachel quickly followed up her Instagram with a tweet declaring she “respects marriages” and shut down the rumors, but that didn’t stop the Beyhive from attacking her. While it seems Bey’s fans are stuck on the idea that Rachel is indeed “Becky,” let’s take a look at the other possibilities!

Rita Ora caused quite a tizzy with the Beyhive after sharing a picture in a sexy bikini top with lemons on it, which fans perceived as a possible reference to Lemonade — especially because she’s been speculated as Jay’s side chick before! But let’s not forget about some of the more serious cheating allegations he’s faced. Remember Liv?

If you don’t, the female rapper endlessly claimed that Jay tried to get with her in 2008. She ultimately said she wasn’t trying to stir up any drama, but obviously she wasn’t going to get away with that! Jay Z was also linked to reality star Casey Cohen and model Claudia Scheelen, who both happen to have pretty darn good hair. Hmm…

Speaking of good hair, curly-haired Tori Kelly was briefly rumored to have hooked up with Jay Z at a charity event, and black-haired beauties Mya and Rihanna have even been speculated as mistresses just for working with Jay Z in the studio!

We may never actually find out who “Becky” is, but this group of alleged side chicks definitely doesn’t help Jay Z’s case with these cheating allegations. And with the way the Beyhive attacked Rachel, we’re thinking no one is going to come forward to help us figure out the mystery!

Do you think Jay Z has cheated with this many women, HollywoodLifers? Were you surprised Beyonce called him out for his infidelity in Lemonade? Tell us below!

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