‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Caught Texting & Driving With Her Twins Again — Watch

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Outrageous! Leah Messer isn’t making a very good case for getting custody of her daughters back. She’s been caught texting while driving AGAIN with both of her little ones in the backseat!

Uh oh! Leah Messer, 23, is still texting and driving while her six-year-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah Simms are in her mini-van. The Teen Mom 2 star has been caught doing this dangerous activity on camera in previous episodes of the show while the girls are in her care, and we’re shocked it’s still continuing. Not only is it illegal, it’s so such a scary position to put her kids in!

In a preview clip for the Apr. 10 episode, Leah has just picked up her girls from school when Aleeah asks “Do you know what Ali told Daddy?” regarding their father Corey Simms. “You make us get here not late, mommy does.” Leah is seen looking down at a rather large mobile device, texting away with only her left palm on the steering wheel as her little girl chats with her. Does she not realize how dangerous this is?! She was caught on tape doing this before in the episode where she was driving the girls to school when they complained about how they weren’t being fed enough. At this point we hope one of the show’s producers would step in and say something to her about it!

As for the kids being late to school, Leah snapped at her daughter, “You been getting there on time! Ali, why would you lie like that?” When the little girl didn’t respond, Leah said “First of all, you guys have no business worrying about what time you get to school. You just need to go to school. Let me and your father handle what time you get to school. Do you understand Ali?”

Leah has admitted she doesn’t like getting up early to take the kids to school when it opens, and she won’t even fix them breakfast beforehand because that would make her alarm clock go off even earlier! Man, NOT a Mother of the Year candidate in this one.

Leah learned that she lost primary custody of her girls on the March 30 episode of the show, after Corey took action after being worried sick about their girls’ well being. Leah only has her kids on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and is only required to bring them to school on Monday mornings, but according to her daughter’s conversation, she isn’t even getting them to school on time the one day a week she is required to!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Leah keeps texting while driving with her kids in the car?

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