‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Kicks A Naked Thorpe Out Of Her Bedroom

Meredith's sex life took a dramatic turn on the March 31 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy.' Plus, Catherine came into town and shook things up with April and Jackson! Just when we thought Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) would be getting her mojo back, her sex life took a turn for the worse on the March 31 episode of Grey's Anatomy. And April's in big trouble (Sarah Drew).

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Meredith kicked Thorpe (Scott Elrod) out of her bedroom for an unknown reason, but from the sound of her shrieking, we’d guess he did something pretty bad. And speaking of bad, Penny told Callie (Sara Ramirez) she loves her, and Callie responded with, “Thank you.” Um, awkward.

April ran into Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in the elevator and that was also awkward. Arizona tried saying hi, but April decided to take another elevator.

When Meredith finally came out of her bedroom, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Maggie stared in disbelief as she started aggressively cleaning the kitchen. And then she moved on to the living room without explaining what happened with Thorpe.

Catherine also came to town and Jackson (Jesse Williams) warned her to stay away from April, which probably won’t be an issue because April told Riggs she wants to stay far away from Catherine. Ah, we spoke too soon. Catherine found April and started asking all sorts of questions about her pregnancy. And when April revealed she found out she was pregnant the same day she signed her divorce papers, Catherine seemed super intrigued.

Later, Callie was caught lying to Penny when she said Arizona wasn’t comfortable with her meeting their daughter, Sophia, yet. But when Penny apologized to Arizona for taking care of Sophia in the emergency room, Arizona said she never had a problem with it, so Callie must have been lying.

When Maggie sensed a disconnect with Andrew, she confronted him to find out what the problem was. Apparently, he felt like her intern in the hospital and at home, so when she asked him if he wanted to be with her, his silence gave her the answer she was looking for.

Back at home, Meredith was still going crazy around the house. But when she found an old blanket of Derek’s, she smiled, laughed, and then said, “we’re done cleaning.” She then wrapped the blanket around her body and walked into her bedroom.

While sitting in front of the fireplace, Meredith told Alex (Justin Chambers) that sex with Thorpe was incredible, but she freaked out because he’s not Derek. She thought she was ready because everyone told her she was, but as it turns out, she wasn’t.

And after Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) drunken behavior last week, Amelia reevaluated her relationship with him. She’s newly sober, so she broke things off with Owen, as he might affect her ongoing sobriety.

Thorpe eventually returned to Meredith’s house, which is when she revealed that she just lost her husband two years ago and that’s why she freaked out on him. Thorpe said he will keep calling her and keep visiting her until she’s ready because he has a good feeling that she’s worth the wait.

And just when we thought the episode was going to end on a high note, we were proven wrong. Just as Jackson thanked Catherine for going against his wishes and talking to April, she revealed that they now have enough information to go after April legally. Apparently, she committed fraud when she withheld telling Jackson about her pregnancy before signing their divorce papers. Uh oh.

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