Chris Paul: Cops Launch Investigation After Crazy Fan Threatens To Kill His Wife

Major foul! A demented fan threatened to kill Chris Paul’s wife -- and frame him for murder! The Los Angeles Clippers point guard feared for the life of his love, Jada Crawley, and called the police before the fan could possibly go through with this horrifying threat. For some, basketball is not just a game. To certain fans, it’s a matter of life and death, and that has the Los Angeles Clippers' Chris Paul, 30, scared for his life! One obsessed fan took it too far when they threatened to kill Chris's wife, Jada Crawley, 32!

Chris Paul Wife Threatened
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“@CP# if I knew where you lived I’d probably kill your wife and frame you for it,” the alleged threatening March 14th tweet read, according to TMZ. “I watch Dateline I get away with it.” Chris didn’t take any chances and the Clippers star contacted the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPD launched an investigation to track down this threatening troll, but according to TMZ, no arrests have been made.

Hopefully, the officials track this fan down before someone gets hurt. Sadly, this isn’t Chris’s the only social media nightmare. A different troll had waged a war against Chris and his wife for more than a year!

While this troll never threatened any physical harm, per TMZ, their cyber-bullying was getting out of hand. In fact, this gross hater trashed Jada as having a “Jay Leno Chin” and posted “annoying comments” on Chris’s family pics. That harassment has totally went over the line.

While one fan was promising to murder one Clippers player’s wife, another crazy individual was reportedly planning a terrorist attack on the whole team! A search warrant from the LAPD, obtained by TMZ, revealed that someone called in a terrorist attack on Jan. 29, right before the team played the Los Angeles Lakers. The unknown caller reportedly said, “Several people…have explosives strapped to their chest and explosives in their shoes.” Thankfully, it was a hoax but the police are still searching for the caller.

Normally, Chris can handle his online haters. He joined his fellow NBA superstars Stephen Curry, 28, DeMarcus Cousins, 25, and more for a hilarious edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets skits. Of course, none of these tweets were about framing Chris for murder. Fingers crossed that the cops catch the creep promising to kill his wife.

HollywoodLifers – can you believe someone would threaten to kill Chris’s wife?

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