Khloe Kardashian Taking Lamar Odom Back For Good?: Friends Think It’s A Mistake

Khloe Kardashian has opened her heart and put aside her pain to take care of Lamar Odom following his tragic accident in Oct., but now she might be ready to love him fully again, and a source tells EXCLUSIVELY her friends and family don't like it. Uh oh. Khloe Kardashian, 31, might be ready to give Lamar Odom, 36, one last chance at being her husband, but a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that her friends and family think it's a huge mistake. Find out why, right here.

It seems like Khloe is ready to give a relationship with Lamar one last shot, now that his recovery has progressed to the point of being able to live alone and go on trips together. “They’ve started going to therapy and have a long road ahead of them. But she thinks they really have a chance,” a source tells  Ok! magazine. But with her track record of shady guys, she’s scared to dive right in again.

Khloe has been burned in many of her relationships including Lamar and is apprehensive about taking him back romantically,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “But to add to that she has also had thoughts on taking him back as well. Her past relationships have provided her with a sense of insecurity and by having her exes cheat on her and treat her badly she feels that it is in some way her fault and she wants to fix it.” Poor thing!

She’s not the only one who’s nervous. Her friends and family also worry that she’s making a mistake by taking Lamar back. “She continues to choose guys that aren’t right for her,” the source explained EXCLUSIVELY to “Friends and family believe she’ll take Lamar back full time even if it isn’t the right move. She seems to embrace complicated and unhealthy relationships.” Hopefully Lamar has changed enough to really be good to Khloe this time.

HollywoodLifers – do you think that Khloe and Lamar would have a good chance at being happy together this time around? Let us know!

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