Bachelor Ben Higgins Was A Jerk For Sleeping With, Then Dumping Caila

Come on, Bachelor Ben. You HAD to know that your feelings for Caila just didn't measure up to your infatuation with both Lauren B. and JoJo BEFORE you slept with her in the Fantasy Suite. The sleep-then-dump move is despicable. Bachelor Ben Higgins, being the most eligible man in America does not give you the right to seduce a woman -- Caila -- into sleeping with you, knowing that you were just going to dump her days later. I'm not buying the lame excuse that you ended up giving crushed Caila, after you thoroughly enjoyed your night of lust with her. When heartbroken Caila confronted you, stammering out the question, "did you know this week [how you felt]?" ie before you slept with her, you pled ignorance.

Bachelor Ben Higgins Dumps Caila
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Ben, you insisted that your feelings were still confused and evolving when you arrived in Jamaica and began three nights of passion – one with each of your finalists- in the Fantasy Suite. Really? Ben, I just don’t believe that you had no clue that you liked Lauren B. and JoJo a whole lot better before you got all of them into bed. If you had ANY inkling that Caila was bachelorette #3, you should have kept your pants on and spared her the pain of being strung along. Furthermore, aside from confessing to her that you didn’t love her, you also no doubt left her feeling sexual inadequate

Poor Caila had to have concluded that because you slept with all three women, you must have enjoyed your sexual experiences with Lauren and JoJo better. She’s probably freaking that she didn’t perform well in bed. Dumping her at this late point would already have been a huge slap but doing it after a seemingly mutual night of passion made it a double slap in the face. Leading her on by luring her into bed, lolling around romantically with her in the morning and sending her off with well-founded fantasies of an engagement around the corner, is classic lowdown player behavior.

Doing it on national TV makes it 100 times worse. When happy Caila came to surprise you after your sexual three-nighter and you started to let her down, her earnestly in-love face just crumbled. “I realized that I am in love with two women here and I just couldn’t say it back to you,” Ben told her. “And I don’t know why and I don’t know how, because as I think through things every day, all day, you are literally what I described at the beginning of this as my perfect wife. I knew this was going to get hard at the end because I knew that I was going to have to say goodbye to someone that I was falling for, it’s really hard to imagine saying goodbye to you.”

Ben – Caila’s stunned reaction was not faked when she realized she was getting dumped! You could see that she felt kicked in the stomach and she couldn’t breathe. She’d been had, and it was hurtful and humiliating. She must have felt like she was just a prop — a dramatic foil for Ben and the show. Huge kudos to her for refusing to go quietly. Instead of slinking away in her limo, Caila climbed back out and demanded that answer from you, Ben — did you know your heart before you had sex with her?

Unlike myself and other outraged fans, she actually accepted your lame excuse. But then, she was trying to hang on to anything that made her feel less used. Bachelor fans , however, were not amused. Just look:

Ben — you just plain got your rocks off. If I was either Lauren or JoJo, I’d have some very, very serious doubts about whether you’re husband material after all. Wait until they find out that you also told both of them , that you  loved them. Good luck with your hearts, ladies – Bachelor Ben just threw around the “L” word.

Caila, despite your agony, you should probably be grateful that you were spared the final knife in the heart, that either JoJo or Lauren will get. Ben, shame on you for using Caila!

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