Kate Winslet Gives Leo DiCaprio Sweet Kiss On The Neck For Luck Just Before Oscar Win — Watch

She's his good luck charm! New video has surfaced showing Kate Winslet press a kiss to Leonardo DiCaprio's cheek just moments before he was announced Best Actor! Click inside to WATCH! Leonardo DiCaprio, 41, may have to send massive amounts of "thank you" gift baskets to his real-life BFF and former co-star, Kate Winslet, 40. Just wait until you see the sweet moment they shared right before he won his first Oscar at the 2016 Academy Awards!

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Did this sweet kiss seal Leo DiCaprio’s fate? Just one day after he won gold at the Oscars for his role in The Revenant, a short-but-sweet gif revealed that Leo and Kate Winslet shared an intimate moment right before his category was called.

In the video, which appears to be from the backstage/audience live stream, Leo is all smiles in his seat and taking the moment in. Then, in leans Kate with a kiss that sure looks like it pressed right against his jaw — and possibly even his neck! Of course as many of her fans already know, Kate is married to Ned Rocknroll, but we can dream, right?

You can watch the moment of truth for yourself below:


Even Cate Blanchett is gawking in approval from her seat down the row!

Next to Leo is his mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, who seems to be approving of Kate’s presence, too. See Leo, it’s not just us crazy fans, okay?

Oh, and speaking of Leo’s mom, what you don’t see in this gif/video is that a moment later she leaned in and gave Mama DiCaprio a big kiss and hug as well. So cute!

In case you missed the moment EVERYONE was talking about after the Oscars were over, the camera panned to Kate in the audience as Leo accepted his Oscar, and you could see that she was crying as her hands covered her mouth in excitement. Once he was off the stage she rushed to his side to give him the biggest hug ever!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Kate’s kiss was good luck? Comment below with your thoughts!