Keith Urban Sheds Tears During Kelly Clarkson’s Emotional ‘Idol’ Performance

Kelly Clarkson wasn't the only one getting teary-eyed from her 'American Idol' performance of her incredibly personal song 'Piece By Piece'. Keith Urban was totally crying by the end of her emotional show. Watch the sweet moment, here. Oh my god, this is so so so sweet! Keith Urban,48, got a little worked up during Kelly Clarkson's American Idol performance on Feb. 25. The country singer actually started crying in his judges chair while Kelly sang about being abandoned by her father. Watch the emotional video, right here.

Keith Urban Crying Kelly Clarkson
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This is so heartbreaking but so sweet. Kelly got understandably choked up while singing her incredibly personal song about coming to terms with her father abandoning her on American Idol. So choked up, in fact, that at some points she couldn’t even continue singing. However, the most surprising part was when the camera cut to the judges. Jennifer Lopez looks solemn, but Keith is full-on crying! Like, with tears streaming down his face and puffy, red eyes!

Perhaps that’s because Keith is the proud daddy of two little girls with his wife Nicole Kidman. The song is all about how it felt for Kelly to be left behind by her own father, and maybe the idea of leaving his kids like that was too much for Keith. Toward the end is when he really lost it, during the emotional lyric “I would never leave her like you left me. She will never have to wonder her worth. Because unlike you I’m gonna put her first,” talking about her own daughter.

The performance was also emotional because it was such a full-cirle experience for Kelly. She wasd the first and most successful winner of American Idol, and now she’s back on the stage performing during the very last season of the hit show. That’s gotta feel intense!

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