Rihanna Postpones Tour: Will She Be Forced To Cancel Altogether Due To Diva ‘Antics’?

Alright, what’s going on with Rihanna? As news that she’s postponed some tour dates spreads, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY that there’s more to the story — including lack of ticket sales AND RiRi’s bad girl behavior.

Rihanna, 27, might have some behind-the-scenes antics that are being swept under the rug when it comes to her ANTI tour. On top of her poor album sales and canceling her 2016 Grammys performance because she was sick, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVE new details about whether or not her tour will actually see the light of day.

“Tickets aren’t being sold and the money people behind her tour don’t want empty arenas, it’s as simple as that. Rihanna hasn’t had new music since 2012 and her new album flopped,” a source close to the singer tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, unfortunately shining the spotlight on Rihanna’s most recent album, ANTI, and it’s lacking of taking off as a hit — despite being certified platinum by the RIAA.

But, it doesn’t end there. On top of the album and ticket sales issue, it turns out that her posse isn’t exactly helping her stay focused on work.

“Rihanna has a bunch of yes-sayers around her. No one is holding her accountable for her actions such as showing up late to shoots,” our source explained. “On her last music video shoot in LA, she showed up seven hours late and the producer walked off the set. The producer wasn’t going to put up with her antics.” Yikes. This definitely does not bode well for RiRi, especially after her very last-minute Grammys cancellation.

The source also explained that the drama at the shoot wasn’t a first-time thing. “A music video shot last November was similar. She showed up to set way, way past her call time, delaying the entire shot and costing thousands in overtime.”

Whatever is going on with Rihanna, we hope she gets it straightened out and can hit the road to perform her hot new music with all of her fans!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Rihanna will be canceling her tour? Are you bummed she’s already postponing dates? Comment below with your thoughts.