Big Ang Passes Away: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Larger Than Life Mob Wives Star

Though Big Ang tragically lost her battle with cancer on Feb. 18, the 'Mob Wives' star won at life by living it her own way. As fans and family mourn the heartbreaking loss, here are 5 things you may not have known about the amazing woman who was Big Ang. We miss you, Big Ang! The life of the Mob Wives star ended way too soon, as she tragically passed away from brain and lung cancer at the age of 55. As friends and family mourn the loss, let’s get to know more about the larger than life woman that was Angela "Big Ang" Raiola.

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Image Credit: REX

1. Big Ang was mob royalty – and she ruled like a queen.

Big Ang sadly died after battling cancer on Feb. 18, leaving behind an amazing life, which you can see here. She was born the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, an alleged captain of the Infamous Genovese crime family (the largest of the “Five Families” of New York City, according to CNN.) Ang loved the mob life, as she owned many mob hangouts, according to VH1, and quickly became “one of the guys.”

2. Big Ang had a killer figure – literally!

It’s safe to say that Big Ang’s chest could be classified as a lethal weapon, but her to-die-for breasts were dangerous killers. Ang said in her book, Bigger Is Better, that a Catskills vacation with her family turned deadly, per Goodreads. “Out of nowhere, this bat this bat flies right into my chest and then falls splat on the ground. Turned out, he died on impact.”

3. She worked hard to get her signature look (and had a lot of work done.)

“I had a tummy tuck, l liposuction, my lips injected and my breasts done three times,” she told Radar Online in 2012. She said that her obsession with plastic surgery happened after she gave birth to her first child. “After I had the baby my boobs were dead. They just were prunes down to my waist,” she said, showcasing her sense of humor that fans will dearly miss. Ang was a fan of changing her look, and she ultimately had a 36J-sized bust! Bigger was better for Big Ang!

4. Big Ang’s family was just like her: big!

Ang was a loving mother to two children: Anthony Donfrio and Raquel Donfrio, according to She was also a proud grandmother to six grandchildren — the youngest, Anjolie Scotto, was born in Jan. 2016, per UPI. At least Anjolie got to meet her sweet grandma before her sad death.

5. The Mob Wives star had her own a criminal record. 

It should be no surprise that Ang wasn’t a complete angel. She reportedly served four months under house arrest in 2003 after pleading guilty to selling cocaine in 2001, according to The Smoking Gun. However, she will be remembered for her big heart, big laugh and the big love she shared with all her family and friends.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Big Ang’s family and friends during their time of loss.