Kris Jenner Tells Kanye West: Don’t Expect Kim Or Our Family To Bail You Out Of Debt

Kanye West better not ask Kris Jenner for money because her pocketbook is closed. Kris told Kanye not to come begging her or anyone else in the family to bail him out of debt, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Find out all the details here! Kris Jenner, 60, is not going to save Kanye West, 38, from debt. In fact, the momager has put the financially strapped rapper on notice, as she told Yeezus not to expect herself or any member of the family to bail him out of his mess, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Kardashians Paying Kanye West Debt
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Kris and Kanye had a heated conversation over his $53 million debt, where she told him he’s dreaming if he expects her or daughter Kim Kardashian, 35, to help. “Kris blasted Kanye, telling him not to expect Kim or any of the family to bail him out of his mess,” a family source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to

“She explained to him that it’s great to invest in oneself but to use caution and know when enough is enough. It was a heated conversation,” the source added. “Both of them [were] trying to over talk the other. But Kris kept up with Kanye, and told him that his antics and sheer cockiness is getting in the way of his vision and clearly hurting his pockets.”

As TMZ reported, Kanye was recently seen downing glasses of champagne and eyeing expensive watches at Jacob & Co in NYC Feb. 15. That infuriated Kris. “Kris was downright enraged,” the source said. “The last place someone
should be who’s in massive debt is an expensive jewelry store.”

But even so, maybe Kanye won’t have to ask for money from the Kardashians, as a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “He’s not in actual debt. The 53 million debt comment he made is in reference to the millions he has personally invested of his own money into his ideas – in music, touring, fashion, film, etc.”

HollywoodLifers, now it’s your turn to sound off and tell us what you think. Do you think Kris is right for not allowing Kanye to mooch of her family?

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