Kanye West Broke? Why He Would Never Lie To Kim Kardashian About Money Problems

Kim Kardashian’s likely worried sick that her rapper husband is broke. But could it be all a joke? HollywoodLife.com has found out EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye would never lie to his wife about his finances. Read on for all the details.

Kanye West, 38, had all his ducks in a row before he tied the knot to Kim Kardashian, 35. That includes money, too! Despite the rapper breaking the internet by tweeting he’s $53 million in the red, those who know him best say he would never lie to Kim about money problems, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye’s got some explaining to do. The rapper/clothing designer/media mogul shocked us all by claiming he’s in some serious debt. But could he just be pulling our strings? One person he wouldn’t string along on a joke of this magnitude is Kim.

“He wouldn’t hurt Kim by deceiving her about his finances,” a source close to TLOP artist revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.com. “He made sure he was a legit in every way: career, house, money and stability before he asked Kim to marry him.”

Not only did Kanye make sure he’d have enough coins to spoil Kim rotten for eternity, he also secured a huge nest egg for his two children: North, 2, and Saint West, 3 months. “There’s not any way he would have even started a family with that sort of debt looming over his head,” the source explains. Stream Kanye’s music now!

Kanye may be begging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to donate $1 billion to “Kanye West ideas,” Ye still has some serious cash. “It’s just no so. Kanye’s got Oprah [Winfrey] money,” our source says. “He’d tell his family members to get a job rather than loan them $100. Dude’s making money hand over fist.”

Now it’s your turn to sound off, HollywoodLifers. Tell us what you think. Is Kanye simply joking with everyone? Or do you really think he’s $53 million in debt?