Cam Newton Throws Major Tantrum On The Field During Super Bowl 50

YIKES, it was not a good night for Cam Newton at Super Bowl 50...but he REALLY wore his emotions on his sleeve as his incredible season totally fell apart against the Denver Broncos. The Carolina Panthers QB freaked out and threw a total tantrum right on the field with just two minutes left in the game, and it was pretty brutal. Watch here! Cam Newton, 26, really let Peyton Manning, 39, and the Denver Broncos get the best of him during the 2016 Super Bowl on Feb. 7. With just minutes left in the game, Cam knew his team wasn't going to come back and score enough points to get ahead, but he still threw a major fit after getting sacked by the Broncos' defensive end, Derek Wolfe. Watch his tantrum on video right here!

Cam Newton Tantrum Super Bowl
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The Broncos’ defense was ALL over Cam the entire game, and even with 2 minutes left and a 24-10 lead, they didn’t let up. The 26-year-old was hit hard late in the fourth quarter, and stormed off the field, almost pulling his helmet off as he made a show of his anger. His frustration was evident, but, understandably, he’s also being slammed by viewers for the unsportsmanlike display.

This continued after the loss at a post-game press conference, too. Cam showed up in front of dozens of reporters with a sour look on his face, giving short responses to every question asked at a practically inaudible volume. And then, after just a few minutes, he stormed right off the stage in the middle of his Q&A session, putting an end to the presser prematurely. Yikes!

Of course, we understand how hard and frustrating this must have been for Cam, but part of being a quarterback and team leader also means having good sportsmanship and being able to lose gracefully. There are ways to be emotional about a loss without completely freaking out in front of millions of people! Hey, the guy is still young, and clearly has a long career ahead of him, so we don’t doubt that we’ll see him back in the big game again at some point in the future. Hopefully things work out better for him that time around, right!?

HollywoodLifers, do you think Cam was unsportsmanlike during the game? What do you think of his tantrum?

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