Dave Mirra: Celebrate The Late BMX Legend With His Best Tricks & Stunts

Dave Mirra’s apparent suicide on Feb. 4 has left the sports world heartbroken. As fans mourn the loss of the BMX legend, they’re also remembering all the amazing stunts he did on a bike. Celebrate Dave’s career and legacy by clicking to see some of his best tricks. It’s hard to believe that Dave Mirra, 41, is dead. What Tony Hawk, 47, is to skateboarding, Dave was to BMX. While he is no longer with us, Dave’s legacy will last forever, thanks to a career full of some incredibly impressive stunts. It's time to celebrate Dave by watching every No Hand 720 and Double Back Flip.

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With his apparent suicide on Feb. 4, Dave leaves behind an unforgettable legacy as a BMX rider. He scored a total of 24 X-Games medals and an ESPY for Best Male Actions Sports Athlete in 2005. He was the host of MTV’s The Challenge for two seasons and even launched his own video game, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. But Dave will always be known for the wonderful things he could do while riding a bike.

Double Back Flip

Dave and the X Games went hand in hand, as he performed at the extreme sports competition from the beginning in 1995 up until 2008. It was at the 2000 X Games that Dave busted out one of his most jaw-dropping moves: the double backflip. He would win the medal for BMX Park, for good reason.

Pocket Air

This trick looks easy, but as Dave says, it “is totally opposite of…how you first learn to ride a quarter pipe.” But leave it to Dave to make this gravity-defying trick look absolutely natural. His friend and fellow BMX rider, TJ Lavin, 39, said that Dave was a big influence on him and that he will sincerely miss Dave.

No Hand Corkscrew 720

In Dave’s last appearance at the X-Games in 2008, he pulled out this mind-blowing trick. Not only did he ride down a huge ramp, but he also pulled out a 720-degrees rotation – while throwing a hand up to wave at the crowd, mid-trick. Amazing. It’s no wonder that Dave’s fellow BMX stars and fans called him “a true pioneer, icon and legend.”

Backwards 360 No Hander Into A 720

While competing on Mountain Dew’s “Dew Tour” in 2008, Dave needed an amazing set to get back up into the rankings. It seemed the “Miracle Man” pulled out a miracle, when he successfully landed a Backwards 360 twist – with no hands – before transitioning into a 720.

Big Air San Diego

Sometimes, Dave didn’t have to pull a trick to impress his fans. When he visited the old Super Ramp in San Diego, California in 2002, he defined the meaning of “Big Air.” Sadly, after a massive crash, Dave’s bike was pretty wrecked. But Dave got back up and went back down the ramp again.

While Dave’s death is a major loss to the BMX world, his death is more heartbreaking to his wife, Lauren, and their two daughters. Before David reportedly took his own life, he posted a tribute to Lauren on Instagram, calling her his “rock.”

Our thoughts continue to go out to Dave’s family and friends during this tragedy.

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