Cam Newton: Arrests & More Scandals The NFL MVP Candidate Has Overcome

Before he was an NFL superstar, Cam Newton had a troubled lifestyle that he struggled to change. Multiple arrests, strippers, college football scandals -- you name it. But Cam shed his sordid past to become an NFL MVP candidate! Click through to learn more about his past! Caroline Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, 26, is on his way to Super Bowl 50, but that wasn't always wasn't so certain. Cam had multiple run-ins with the law in his past, and his college career wasn't always so pretty. But Cam overcame all his struggles, and persevered to become an NFL great! Read on to learn more about him!

Cam Newton Criminal Past
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In 2009, Cam’s name was associated with a major scandal at Auburn University. A NCAA investigation discovered that Cam’s father, Cecil Newton, and ex-Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers asked for $120,000 to $180,000 for Cam to sign with the Auburn Tigers straight out of community college, but didn’t ask any other college for money. Damn! There was a massive scandal over whether or not this made Cam ineligible to play, over a discussion if this violated a serious bylaw!

Auburn & the NCAA determined that Cam shouldn’t be faulted for Cecil and Kenny’s actions, and let him play. Whew! However, he was plagued with criminal trouble in college, both on and off the field. Cam played quarterback for Auburn during the 2010 championship game against Alabama, and flipped out when a heckler brought up the pay-for-play incident. The spectator shouted “180k” and Cam shouted back “I’ll slap the s–t out of you!” Yikes!

Furthermore, Cam was charged with felony counts of burglary, larceny and obstructing justice for stealing a fellow student’s laptop in 2010. When police came to his dorm, Cam threw the laptop — which he had painted his name on! — out his window. He was suspended from the team, and held in jail. All charges were dropped when he completed a court-approved program. Despite his troubled behavior, Cam persevered to become the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner and the Number 1 NFL draft pick. Whoa!

But in 2015, he was still getting in trouble. A Green Bay Packers fan sought payment from the Carolina Panthers after Cam tore down and stole his homemade, $500 sign that said “Carolina Cheeseheads” at a Packers-Panthers game. Cam’s explanation: “You’re not going to sell a Whopper at McDonald’s.” A petition in January 2016 even called for Cam to get banned from the Seattle Seahawks stadium for “unsportsmanlike conduct!”

And in December 2015, he was caught partying hard at a North Carolina strip club with Rick Ross! The strippers weren’t necessarily the problem; it was the fact that he has a girlfriend, Kia Procter, 27, who just had their son! Still, the NFL MVP candidate is getting through this, and vowing to change. Good for him!

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