Sheep Belt Out Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’ In New Honda Super Bowl Ad — Watch

Who knew sheep were big into Queen? A herd of the wool-covered critters prove they can do more than go 'baa-baa,' as they break out into a powerful version of 'Somebody To Love' during a new Honda Super Bowl commercial. Click to watch! The spirit of Freddie Mercury is alive in the hearts and minds of sheep everywhere, thanks to Honda. In a new ad for the company's Ridgeline truck, Honda proves that there are plenty of fans of classic rock in the animal world.

The commercial, set to air during Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, starts off with a farmer transporting a herd of sheep out to graze in a scenic mountain pasture. But some sheep don’t want to munch – they want to sing! The herd can really harmonize, pulling off a sweet rendition of Queen’s “Somebody To Love.”

What? Are sheep secretly Queen fans and we had no idea? Well, it turns out the barnyard buddies were able to listen to the song thanks to the Ridgeline’s truck-bed-audio system. So, the sheep riding in the back of the farmer’s truck could listen along. Seems they just had an earworm stuck in their head. Now, let’s hear them do “Bohemian Rhapsody.” If you want to stream Freddie’s music, completely .

The ad, which is called “A New Truck To Love,” used real sheep and a trained sheep dog, according to Ad Age. Honda hasn’t run a Super Bowl ad since 2014, back when it promoted safety with a commercial featuring Bruce Willis, 60, and Fred Armisen, 49. Before that, Honda pretty much won the super bowl in 2012 when they had Matthew Broderick53, reprise his legendary Ferris Bueller character for a commercial.

This time around, there aren’t any celebrities in their ad, but that’s because Honda is looking at another successful Super Bowl brand. Budweiser has won points during football’s biggest night by using animals. “If they can do it with puppies and horses,” Tom Peyton, assistant VP of Marketing for Honda Motor Co., told Ad Age, “why not us with a few sheep and a sheep dog, and a big piece of music, I might add. That’s a fabulous song from Queen.” Quite right, Tom.

Will Honda win the Super Bowl Commercial game this year? They’re going up against commercials featuring Lil Wayne, 33, getting patriotic, Death Wish coffee channeling the power of Vikings, and Ryan Reynolds, 39, playing football with himself. We’ll have to see what other commercials will air during the big game on Feb. 7.

Did you like this Honda ad, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it was a good Queen song to pick?

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