Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West To ‘Shut Up’ After Blabbing About Their Sex Life

Kim Kardashian wants to stick a pacifier in Kanye West's mouth. The reality television star is furious he's making their sex life public and demanding he 'shut up' about it. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details. Once Kanye West, 38, starts talking, it's hard to turn him off. Kim Kardashian, 35, has a big task in front of her. After revealing some intimate details of he and Kim's sex life in his ugly Twitter war with Amber Rose, 32, North West's mother wants Kanye to stop discussing their bedroom secrets, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Shut Up
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Kanye was only defending himself against Amber after she shut the internet down by claiming Yeezy likes his butt played with during sex. Kanye denied the charge and in doing so suggested that he and Kim are into watching porn. Those tweets apparently upset Kim and now, she wants her blabber mouthed husband to stop talking about their sex life. “Kim wants Kanye to shut up already,” a source connected to the couple revealed to “She’s fuming that he’s making their sex life public.” To hear more about the Kanye/Wiz/Amber feud, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

Some would argue that Kim’s being a little two sided here, especially after becoming an entertainment icon after her infamous sex tape with Ray J, 35. But the source indicated those days are long over. “Kim’s not that girl she use to be. In fact, she’s a woman now and a mother of two,” the source added.

“The freaky, kinky and downright dirty acts she and Kanye perform in the privacy of their home is where Kim wants it to stay. She understands that he wants to protect himself from Amber’s crazy accusations, but she doesn’t want him defending himself by announcing what they do in bed.”

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