Bella Thorne Reveals How She Stays Fit — Get Her Workout & Diet Secrets

Bella Thorne has been hitting the gym hard! The Disney star has been sharing her fitness progress on Instagram, sharing her tips and diet secrets as she goes. Keep reading for her workout breakdown. If you've already given up on your New Year's resolution to exercise more and improve your diet, allow Bella Thorne to get you back on track. The 18-year-old revealed on Instagram earlier this month that her resolution was to get into better shape, and she's been sticking to it!

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Bella Thorne Workout And Diet Secrets
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

It looks like Bella made the same resolution as we did for 2016, and she’s serious about keeping it. Throughout the month, she’s been sharing clips of her workouts with all the details on how they’re helping her out, saying: “I am looking to build lean muscle with aerobic conditioning. My workout consists of an hour and I always make time for proper stretching before and after my workout.”

Bella eased her way into her workouts by starting with a plank and adding a hip twist (and bringing her sister along for support). “today we targeted waist, stomach, core, obliques, and arms :) this is a clip of one of our work outs ❤️ super easy to do at home also,” she said of the exercise.

Bella Thorne’s Workout & Diet Secrets — See How She Stays Fit

Since then, she’s kicked things up, adding in exercise targeting her glutes and calves, and the “viper wood chop” to tone her waist and arms. Plus, even more core work with a suspension band.

Bella’s shared dieting tips along the way as well, posting a pic of her water, which she added watermelon, orange and lemon to for a yummy citrus flavor. And she posted some of her protein-filled food choices alongside one of her workouts, saying: “For breakfast, I’m about to eat pure Greek yogurt & two hard boiled eggs!”

What do you think of Bella’s fitness tips? Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

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