Harry Styles Furious With Zayn Malik For Calling One Direction Liars: He ‘Blew Us Off’

Zayn Malik's recent comments about his relationship with the other One Direction boys are, in a word, shocking! The former 1D member dissed the band by accusing them of lying to the public about how they're all still friends, and we've learned how Harry feels about the whole thing. Are you sitting down? Zayn Malik, 22, revealed in a new interview that he thinks One Direction has lied about their friendship by saying that Zayn is the one who deserted them, when in fact it was the band who cut him off. Harry Styles, 21, can't believe that his former mate would accuse them of such a thing. We've learned EXCLUSIVELY that Harry's side of the story is totally different -- see what he has to say about the whole fiasco!

An insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that Harry says it was actually Zayn who blew them off! “Harry Styles is completely flabbergasted with Zayn’s comments about the 1D guys giving him the cold shoulder and not calling him back. It was Zayn who blew them off,” the insider reveals. “Harry never got a phone call or text from Zayn, and neither did Louis or Niall…when Zayn left the group, he left. He vanished and cut off all communication.” Oh, boy. To hear more about 1D’s break, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

On the other hand, Zayn told L’uomo Vogue that he hasn’t “spoken to any of the boys at all” and when publicly asked about it, they “said that they’d spoken to me and that we were friends. But that’s not the case, I tried to reach out and be their friend but they haven’t even replied to any of my calls or texts”. It’s impossible to know who’s really cold-shouldering who, but it’s clear to see that there aren’t any friendly relations between Zayn and 1D at the moment. So sad!

HollywoodLifers, whose side of the story do you believe — did Zayn freeze out 1D, or did they stop talking to him first? Tell us what you think!

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