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9 Of The Most Shocking TV Deaths Of 2015

Sun, December 13, 2015 8:30am EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

The year 2015 brought about some of the most shocking deaths in TV history. From losing McDreamy to Jon Snow’s jaw-dropping final moments, let’s take a look back at the TV deaths we’ll never forget.

You may need a few tissues for this. TV deaths are never easy, and 2015 was a tough year for fans. Many beloved characters lost their lives this year, leaving fans devastated. Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries and more shows said goodbye to characters this year, and we’re remembering those we lost in 2015.

1. Derek Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy

Honestly, we’ve lost many characters on Grey’s Anatomy over the years, but this one left everyone shocked. Derek was injured trying to save others, and Meredith was forced to pull the plug. It’s still hard to imagine a world without McDreamy.

2. Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

While he may not be really dead, it sure looked like he crossed over in the season 5 finale. He was stabbed by his brothers, the men of the Night’s Watch, and left to die. Game of Thrones keeps leaving hints that Jon Snow will prevail, so there’s still hope!

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3. King Francis, Reign

Reign fans should have seen this one coming — because, history — but it didn’t lessen the hurt of watching Mary’s beloved Francis die. They were truly in love, and watching someone you love die is truly devastating.

4. Sheriff Forbes, The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is a lot like Grey’s Anatomy — a lot of characters have died. But Sheriff Forbes’ death was both jaw-dropping and gut-wrenching. Even though the vamps like Caroline and Stefan are immortal, their blood couldn’t help Elizabeth from dying of cancer. In a world where anything is possible, this was a bold reminder that not everyone can be saved.

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5. Eddie Thawne, The Flash

Eddie sacrificed himself to help save Barry and the rest of Central City from Eobard’s destruction. At the end of the day, Eddie was a good guy, so watching him die was not easy.

6. Victoria Grayson, Revenge

So she kind of had it coming. After years of lying and manipulation, Victoria was gunned down by David Clarke, the man she claimed to love. Fans had thought she had died after blowing herself up, but she lived to see another day… until David ended Victoria for good.

7. Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries

Okay, so she’s not really dead, but it pretty much feels like it. Nina Dobrev decided to leave the series at the end of season six, so that meant saying goodbye to Elena. Because of Kai’s doing, Elena can’t live until Bonnie dies. Poor Damon.

8. Paul Woodrugh, True Detective

The second season of True Detective was kind of a let down, but no one could have predicted that Paul would have been brutally shot in the penultimate episode’s final moments. RIP Paul. You deserved better.

9. Jeff Fordham, Nashville

Juliette must be feeling really guilty right now. Jeff was trying to save Juliette from committing suicide when he accidentally fell off the edge of a building. It was Nashville’s boldest move ever.

HollywoodLifers, which TV death of 2015 shocked you the most? Let us know!