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Jon Stewart ‘Trumps It Up’ For Stephen Colbert In Hilarious Donald Wig — Watch

Fri, December 11, 2015 11:51am EDT by 1 Comment

These days, it’s pretty hard to get attention unless you’re Donald Trump– or unless you look like him. With that in mind, Jon Stewart made a special trip to ‘The Late Show,’ and he found a very affective way to get people talking.

When Jon Stewart paid his old pal Stephen Colbert a visit on the Dec. 10 episode of The Late Show, he knew just how to make a (orange-tinted) splash: by dressing up exactly like Donald Trump, wig and all. We have to say, considering we are writing this right now, Jon and Stephen’s plan to “Trump it up” for attention kinda worked. Watch the ridiculous clip!

Stephen kicks off the monologue by referencing that hilarious altercation that Trump recently had with a ticked off bald eagle. And, yes, he shared the accompanying video footage. Stephen begins to discuss just how much his show has made fun of The Donald, when he is interrupted by an entering Jon Stewart!

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Jon explains that he’s dropped by to promote the Zadroga Act, which would restore the now defunct policy to provide health benefits to 9/11 first responders. As Jon begins to make a heartfelt plea to congress to, of course, reauthorize the act, Colbert quickly cuts him off because his speech is “bo-ring.” He extrapolates that, “no one is going to listen to you unless you Trump it up a little. The media won’t pay any attention to you at all, unless you are Donald Trump.”

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Well, Jon takes Stephen’s words to heart, and thus, he Trumps it up– big time. Stephen retrieves a nearby Trump wig, which he keeps close by for if he “ever has to say anything important,” and places it gently upon Jon’s noggin. As Trump might say, it was “huge.”

Was Jon’s Trump-itized look a good way to get more attention?