Shia LaBeouf Launches His Own Hotline — Call Him Now To Talk About His ‘Soul’

Shia LaBeouf wants you to give him a call. No really! The actor is currently inviting fans to 'connect' with him via an actual hotline he set up as part of his latest performance art project called, '#TOUCHMYSOUL.' Have you ever wanted to touch Shia LaBeouf's, 29, soul with a telephone call? Well, now you can thanks to the actor's bizarre new art project which has him manning a hotline station where fans can call in and actually have a conversation with him. It may sound too good to be true, but we assure you, this is no joke — we even have his digits to prove it!

Shia Labeouf Hotline
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Where to even begin with this one! So, it turns out Shia has set up a call center in Liverpool’s Fact Gallery where he and two collaborators (Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner) will be taking calls from the public to talk about anything and everything. Seriously. From Dec. 10 through Dec. 13 (between 11AM and 6PM), fans can call +44 (0)151-808-0771 to “connect” one-on-one with the eccentric actor, who you can also watch via a live stream on the gallery’s website.

“To use technology to connect with people is f-king magical,” Shia told The Guardian of his performance piece. “You know when you’re texting somebody and those three dots pop up? There’s so much magic happening in your anticipation, in your waiting for that response, and if the three dots go away you feel like, ‘Argh!’” Ok, he may be onto something with that.

Still, there is one catch to the whole project. The calls aren’t exactly private. While there isn’t any actual sound on the live stream, Shia and his team do take notes on the calls, which are then documented and posted to the gallery’s website for all to see. Things like: ‘what is it about your soul you want touching?’ and ‘have you got a soul?’ are among some of the very important questions being asked.

The call-in project — part of a group exhibition at FACT Gallery called “Follow” — is just the latest effort by Shia to promote his unique view of himself as an artist. In November, the Indiana Jones star sat in a New York movie theater for three straight days with fans and watched his entire filmography as his reaction was streamed online with the hashtag ALLMYMOVIES.

Similarly, in 2014, he took part in the #IAMSORRY art installation which saw him sat in an empty room in Los Angeles with a bag over his head as he allowed people to say and do what they wanted as he sat there in silence. And finally, who could forget his “Just Do It” inspirational video, which is still, just about the greatest thing you will ever watch. It’s 9 million YouTube views in just three months is the proof.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you planning to give Shia a call? Comment below with your thoughts!

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