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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Why She Waited To Return His Texts About Niall Horan

Thu, December 10, 2015 4:43pm EDT by 26 Comments

Justin Bieber was floored to learn that his ex Selena Gomez is dating Niall Horan, and he immediately texted her for answers, a source told EXCLUSIVELY on Dec. 10. See why she made him wait for a response, here.

Selena Gomez, 23, got a stream of text messages from Justin Bieber, 21, demanding answers when news broke of her new relationship with Directioner Niall Horan, 22. However, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY on Dec. 10 that Selena took her time before answering. We’ll tell you why, right here.

Justin was blindsided when Selena was caught kissing Niall at a party on Dec. 4, and what seemed like a one night flirtation became so much more when they were seen out on a romantic date at the Santa Monica Pier the very next night. It makes sense that Justin would be confused and hurt since he and Selena had been heating up again for the past month. Trying to get an explanation, he sent Selly a stream of upset texts. “Selena and Justin have spoken about her relationship with Niall,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She received several texts and phone calls from him when he found out about her and Niall.”

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However, Selena knows Justin better than anyone, and she thought that it wasn’t a good idea to talk to him when the wounds were still fresh. “Selena held off from calling him back right away because she wanted the intensity of the situation to die down,” the source explained EXCLUSIVELY to “She explained to Justin that it was never her intention to hurt him and that things with Niall just happened naturally.” You can buy Selena’s album Revival RIGHT HERE.

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The last thing Selena wants is for Justin to be mad at his buddy Niall, who never planned to hurt him. “She begged him not to be angry at Niall and not to think that he tried to deliberately try and betray him,” the source continued to EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena told him that Niall never tried to go behind his back, and that had she been in a committed relationship with him (Justin) this never would have happened in the first place.” Ouch. Selena and Justin have been through so much, we’re not surprised that she’s ready to move on with someone else. We still think it’s sweet that she was so kind and open when explaining that to Justin. Chin up, guys.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was is cruel for Selena to make Justin wait, or was she doing the right thing by giving him time to cool down? Share your thoughts with us, below.