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Anthony Mackie Flubs ‘Saoirse Ronan’ & ‘Alicia Vikander’ Names During SAG Announcement

Wed, December 9, 2015 11:12am EDT by Add first Comment
Anthony Mackie SAG Nomination Name Flub
Courtesy of TBS/Getty Images

Say that again? Anthony Mackie proved that you could be an award-winning actor and still flub a line or two. While announcing the Screen Actors Guild Award nominees on Dec. 9, Anthony’s mouth decided to just stop working when he got to names like ‘Saoirse Ronan’ and ‘Alicia Vikander.’

Chalk it up to nerves, or possibly Anthony Mackie, 37, needed another cup of coffee, but The Night Before star could not say anyone’s name right! Anthony joined Anna Faris, 39, to announce the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Award nominees but ended up mush mouthed and tongue-tied.

Granted, names like Saoirse Ronan are pretty difficult to say at first glance, but Anthony seemed to struggle reading “Uzo Aduba” during the nominee announcement ceremony on Dec. 9. There were plenty of awkward pauses. Yikes. After those first two flubs, Anthony seemed to recover, but when it came to Alicia Vikander, it was like watching a slow moving car crash. Anthony got caught on the K, calling her “Alicia Viiiiikkkk….”

Perhaps Anthony was nervous to stand next to the Mom star? Or maybe he was really excited that Alicia got an award nomination for her role in The Danish Girl? Either way, next time someone can spell the names out phonetically for Anthony. You can read all the Nominees, either out loud or to yourself, by clicking here.

Twitter quickly jumped on Anthony for flubbing those names. While some haters were to quick to ask if Anthony could even read, most actually threw their support behind Anthony. One user even wanted to see how it would sound when Anthony read her name!

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Of course, Anthony messing up Saoirse, Uzo, and Alicia is pretty funny. However, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It wasn’t even the worst flub of the last few months, as Brooke Burke-Charvet screwed up Taya Kyle’s name and there were plenty of “whoops!” moments during The Wiz! Live. Pus, Anthony’s mistakes are nothing when compared to John Travolta’s Oscar-worthy flub of Idina Menzel’s name. Remember “Adele Dazeem,” the woman John thought was performing “Let It Go” during the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony? Yeah, those were good times.

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Despite the colossal flub, Idina was okay with it. In fact, she and John reunited to mock his legendary gaffe. Maybe Anthony can get a selfie with Saoirse, Uzo, and Alicia at the SAG Awards when they take place on Jan. 30 on TNT and TBS? We can only hope.

What do you think about Anthony’s flubs, HollywoodLifers? Hilarious, or was it just early in the morning for him?