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Justin Theroux Almost Died During His Honeymoon With Jennifer Aniston — Video

Fri, December 4, 2015 6:13pm EDT by Chris Rogers Add first Comment

So scary. During his Dec. 4 appearance on ‘Live with Kelly and Michael,’ Justin Theroux said he suffered a sudden brush with death while honeymooning with new wife Jennifer Aniston in Bora Bora. To find out what happened and how he survived, watch the video here.

Honeymoons are supposed to be romantic and fun, not filled with near-death experiences. But for Justin Theroux, 44, the opposite was true. While vacationing in Bora Bora with new wife Jennifer Aniston, 46, the Leftovers actor suffered a brush with death while scuba diving, he admitted on the Dec. 4 episode of Live with Kelly and Michael. To hear his story and how he survived, watch the video below.

What a close call. Justin said he went scuba diving on one of the days of his honeymoon with Jen, but the instructor spoke very little English. After diving down pretty deep, Justin noticed his oxygen tank was in the red and was about to run out. But when he used the hand signals to return to the surface, the instructor ignored his request and asked him to continue with the group of friends he brought along. However, when he took a second look at his tank, he realized he was in grave danger.

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“I look and he’s like, ‘Oh my god. You’re about to die. And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ It was all communicated with just sheer panic in my eyeballs. Like literally. They’re about to start rolling back,” Justin told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. “I go over again and the guy just reaches and grabs my respirator — he has like an emergency respiration. First of all, [I thought], ‘Why are we doing that? Like why are we doing an emergency when Earth is up there?’ But I can’t just swim up to the top because I don’t want to get like the bends and you know. So he pulls the respirator out and sticks it in my mouth, hits this clear button, which sends all these bubbles out, and sends water down my throat. And now I’m like coughing and hacking under water.”

Thankfully, Justin survived and lived to see another day, but what a scary ordeal to have to go through. Especially while honeymooning.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Have you ever gone through a similar experience? To watch Justin’s new series, The Leftovers, click here.