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D12: How They Met Eminem & Four More Incredible Things We Learned About Them

Thu, December 3, 2015 4:27pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
Courtesy of HollywoodLife

We got a chance to catch up with rap group D12 during our podcast and they told us what it was like clawing their way to the stop of the rap charts in the early 2000’s and they gave us the scoop about their new mixtape, ‘Devils Night!’

D12 are back! BizarreKuniva and Swifty McVay are legends in the rap game but they’re not done making hits. The rappers stopped by to drop some exciting news and they told us some pretty funny stories. Like did you know that they used to sleep on the floor with Eminem when they were trying to make it? That’s just the beginning and it’s all in our latest HollywoodLife podcast!

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Check out the five most shocking things D12 told us during our interview!

1. When they first met Eminem they didn’t know who he was and he eventually joined D12 as Slim Shady. Bizarre told us: “Well actually, he was a mystery to us. He was the champion of the hip hop show battles. So he didn’t come to regular event, he only came to the battles. We just knew him as that white guy Eminem and he was good. So that’s how we first heard about him. And then we met him and got to know him and then we slept on floors together and farted and ate pizza.”

2. Losing Proof in 2006 after a shooting at a club in Detroit, the band decided to take a break.  “Once we lost Proof we wanted to step back for a while,” Kuniva said. “We didn’t really have the drive to do the music anymore. We weren’t focused at all because of the loss. When it happened we were still trying to recover from Bugs being killed. Because Bugs got killed the day he found out he was getting a record deal. It happened on Belle Isle, a place in Detroit. And he went out to celebrate getting a record deal and while he was out celebrating he got into a fight and got shot and killed.

3. Bizarre admits that when he tried to buy his first gun, the cops were almost called! “I remember I bought my first gun, it was a 12 gauge and I was sort of nervous. I think I was in Walmart and the guy was like oh you want this gun and I was like yeah and he was like what are you using it for and I didn’t know to say home protection so I said hunting. And he was like what you hunting and I was like deer. He was like you’re killing deer with a 12 gauge automatic. Why don’t you leave and I won’t call the cops.”

4. Eminem is an “great” dad, according to Swifty. He says that although people think Eminem is a bit reclusive now, he’s never been happier. “Yeah he’s always got some headphones on, spitting verses trying to put words and syllables together. It’s just what he does. He’s obsessive. And he’s a health nut. So he’s always doing things that make him more healthy. Working out. Eating good.”

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5. They have a new mixtape! “Yeah, so the Devil’s Night Mixtape dropped which is Devil’s Night,” Swifty told us. “So the Devil’s Night is when the city has curfews and all the kids have to be in the house by 5 o’clock. People do anything on that night. This mixtape is lyrical and we’re showing our skills of today, but at the same time we’re trying to take it back to that same essence we had when the first Devil’s Night mixtape came out. You can pick it up at Free download, go check it out!”

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