Kylie Jenner Devastated By Claims That She Neglects Her Dogs — They’re ‘Her Children’

Kylie Jenner is absolutely devastated by the accusations that she neglects her beloved dogs since pictures came out of them looking very skinny on Nov. 30, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Here's the scoop. Kylie Jenner, 18, is utterly heartbroken that anyone would ever accuse her of abusing her beloved pups, a source told EXCLUSIVELY on Dec. 2. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner says she would never harm her pets, they're like "her children." Here's what we know.

Kylie Jenner Dog Neglect
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Kylie came under fire on Nov. 30 when TMZ posted a Snapchat of hers showing her pups looking dangerously skinny. The dogs do look shockingly thin with their ribs clearly visible. However, Kylie insists she loves her dogs more than anything, and would never hurt them, a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “You can call Kylie a b**ch, say she’s ugly or call her stupid. Go ahead, she’s been bullied before,” said the source. “But when you accuse her of neglecting her dogs, those are fighting words. Kylie’s hurt. No, she’s devastated, that anyone would even think she’s mistreated her animals.”

Kylie even loves her doggies more than her boyfriend! “Those precious babies of hers mean more to her than her rocky relationship with Tyga,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Anybody who knows Kylie, and knows her well, knows that her dogs are her life. The amount of time, money and love that she gives those pups is insane. They’re like her children.” Poor Kylie!

No need to worry, however, as the dog breed naturally just looks that thin, said the Italian Greyhound Club of America to TMZ. While Kylie knew she doesn’t mistreat the pooches, and is confident that they will not be taken away from her, it still broke her heart that people believed she would actually harm them. “She knows her pups aren’t going anywhere because she’s done nothing wrong,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “But man, the accusations hurt. She feels like she just got stunk by 20 bees at once.” Don’t worry Kylie, we know how much you love Norman and Sophia. Keep on being a great fur mama!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you believe Kylie is abusive to her dog, or is this just a misunderstanding? Sound off below!

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