Non Surgical Face Lift With Electrotherapy — How You Can Tighten In Minutes

We have millions of muscles in our face that aren't stimulated enough to combat the effects of aging. That's why you tend to see sagging skin causing 'turkey neck' and jowls, especially in women, as they get older. has just discovered electrotherapy which means you don't have to go under the knife to have young looking skin! When you stare into the mirror, your face tells the story of everywhere you've been and aging is a beautiful process. But there are some of us (like myself) who would like to slow the process down a bit in hopes to prevent sagging skin, especially when it comes to my face. All the running in the world and eating healthy won't defy the laws of gravity and that's where Camille Obadia, the legendary French esthetician known for working with Sofia Vergara comes in. She is one of the few estheticians in the country who perform electrotherapy and it works!

Image Credit: Courtesy of HollywoodLife

I was definitely skeptical before laying down and having my face and neck covered in little electrodes but I put my faith in Camille. She promised me it wouldn’t hurt and that it wasn’t going to take all that long either. She explained that the electrodes were going to emit “flexible currents” that would “stimulate and firm the muscles” in my face. She explained that there are so many muscles in my face, neck and décolleté that get absolutely no attention and therefore succumb to gravity like everything else in life. She told me that this treatment, if done monthly would not only slow down the aging process, it would reverse it.

Camille is very well-known in France and has many celebrity and high profile clients around the world. She recently opened her Manhattan medical spa and clients are flocking to have the Electrotherapy treatment done to tighten their face and neck. I can only describe the 30 minute treatment as unusual because having your facial muscles contract involuntarily is definitely an experience. But it didn’t hurt at all and I could feel it working!

She explained that once the treatment was over, there would be a lymphatic drainage to help promote circulation and that was a piece of cake. As soon as she handed me a mirror, I immediately noticed the results. The fine lines I had on my neck and chest had been tremendously diminished. Not only that, my face felt so much tighter and it was. Camille explained that if I wanted even more drastic results that I would need to come back every few weeks and then we could space them out to every other month for maintenance. “These natural beauty treatments are great for people who don’t want to do plastic surgery or to get injections,” Camille told me. “Before turning to plastic surgery or doing injections these are wonderful beauty treatments.”

This is a great gift for your mom, mother-in-law or yourself for the holidays! Oh and it’s not just for women, men do it too!

Don’t walk, run to the Beauty Oblige Spa the next time you’re in NYC and tell them you want the electrotherapy done. I promise you’ll be thrilled!

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