Ronda Rousey’s Face Black & Blue: She’s Staying Out Of Sight Until She Heals

Ronda Rousey hid her face from paparazzi when arriving at L.A.X. Nov. 17, and has EXCLUSIVELY found out the reason why. It wasn't because she was humiliated over her UFC title loss, but she needed to cover her black and blue face after Holly Holm's brutal beating! Ronda Rousey, 28, has never had the experience of being pummeled the way she was during the Nov. 14 UFC 193 title fight against Holly Holm, 34, and now her face is paying the price. Holly was at the top of her game, and all the punches and kicks she landed in her epic defeat of Ronda have left the former champ battered and bruised! Ronda usually leaves the octagon unscathed after dispatching her opponents, but not this time. As a result, she'll be staying out of the public eye until she heals can EXCLUSIVELY report.

Ronda Rousey Bruised
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“She is black and blue all over her face, the fight mixed with surgery has made her face look like she was in a horrible car accident. She doesn’t want to be seen and is staying in until all of that is healed,” our source reveals EXCLUSIVELY to “Her boyfriend Travis Browne is being a very important rock for her right now. She has been watching a lot of TV and Pokemon to pass the time,” our insider adds.

“With how her face looks, with all the black and blue marks and puffiness, it is going to take a while before things get back to normal. It will be a few weeks before the inflammation subsides,” our source continues, noting, “Her face looks like Rihanna after what Chris Brown did to her.” Triple yikes!! Ronda took such a whooping from Holly that all the icing in the world isn’t going to be able to help those bruises and swelling go away any time soon. CLICK HERE To check out Ronda’s Book ‘My Fight/Your Fight.”


As Ronda left the International terminal at L.AX. on Nov. 17, she tried her best to hide from the cameras, shielding her face with a a giant purple pillow and large sunglasses. A black hoodie was pulled up over her head, completely obscuring the fighter from awaiting paparazzi. With a battered and bruised face, now we understand why she wouldn’t want the world to see her like that!

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— Beth Shilliday, Reporting by Russ Weakland

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