‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Emma Makes A Game-Changing Sacrifice For Hook

'Once Upon A Time' dropped one shocking twist on the two-part Nov. 15 episode. Emma made a decision that could change her relationship with Hook FOREVER! No Once Upon A Time fan could have seen THAT coming. On the Nov. 15 episode, familiar faces returned, Zelena had her baby and we finally learned what Emma has been hiding from Hook. It's both devastating and shocking.

Charming, Robin and Hook went to Arthur’s tent after finding out about the Crimson Crown. The trio wanted to know who Nimue was — the only person they thought had the power to destroy the Dark One. Arthur ran and ended up fighting Hook in the woods. Emma showed up with Excalibur, shocking Arthur to his evil core. She saved Hook, just like we all knew she would.

Hook wanted to help Emma get back to her old self. She said everything would all be over tomorrow, but she refused to tell Hook why she needed Excalibur. She did tell him that she was doing all of this for him. Hook wasn’t just going to be satisfied with that answer. Later, he risked his life just so Emma would save him. He didn’t care what she had done, she was already forgiven. “Everything I’ve done has been to keep our future alive,” Emma told him. She kissed him, but it was a trick.

Zelena was sitting pretty in her cell when her baby started growing at a rapid rate inside of her. She believed it was because of dark magic. When she went to the hospital, Doctor Whale was waiting to delivery her baby, complete with platinum blonde hair. (It’s because he’s on iZombie!) Apparently, all Emma needed to finish her master plan was the cries of a newborn. Zelena had a girl, and Emma showed up. But she didn’t want the baby. She wanted Zelena!

The Beginning Of The End

Hook woke up beside Zelena in Emma’s lair. Emma revealed that she didn’t want to destroy all light magic — just the dark magic. The darkness needed to be put in a vessel, and Emma chose Zelena to be the lucky girl. Hook didn’t want her to commit cold-blooded murder over this, and Merlin wasn’t in a position to help.

After Emma left, Hook told Zelena he could help get that cuff off of her hand with his magic hook. They just needed to work together. Hook took desperate measures to find out what Emma was hiding. Zelena stabbed Hook to get revenge on Emma and found a dreamcatcher, which would unveil everything that went down in Camelot. Be warned: you’re not prepared for what’s next.

Back in Camelot, Emma had the spark of Prometheus, all she needed was the sword. Merlin showed up, being forced to do Arthur’s dirty work. Arthur wouldn’t have her family and loved ones killed if she handed over the flame and the dagger. Despite being under Arthur’s force, Merlin begged Emma not to make the same mistakes as Nimue.

Rumple taunted Emma, saying she couldn’t light the flame because she wasn’t ready to let go of the darkness. Henry gave her hope. Hook was getting ready to ask her to move in with him. He had a house and everything. Emma could see her future. All she had to do was use the darkness one last time to save the ones she loved.

Lighting Flames & Saving Lives

Arthur threatened to use Merlin if Emma didn’t hand over what he asked. Zelena was begging for a fight. Emma and Merlin fought, and Merlin easily defeated Emma. Merlin was thisclose to killing Snow when Emma begged him to fight the darkness. Hook got loose and went after Arthur, who eventually ran off with Zelena. Hook suffered a nasty cut from the sword, but Emma healed him.

After Emma’s latest bout with dark magic, Regina wanted to get to the root of why Emma couldn’t give it up. Regina nearly got to Emma when the gang showed up. Later, Hook and Emma talked about their future and what they saw for themselves. At that point, the flame lit. She was ready.

Emma was preparing to give up the darkness forever and unite Excalibur when something went terribly wrong. The cut on Hook’s neck started bleeding. It was a fatal wound. Hook begged her to unite the blades, even if it meant losing his life. Emma wasn’t going to let the love of her life die. She refused to unite Excalibur. She believed there was another way and was willing to create another Dark One to save him.

In a field of roses, Hook told her to let him go. He didn’t want the darkness. Emma pleaded with him that she could help him, but then he died. Emma used the sword and created a new Dark One — Hook. And that’s when she embraced the darkness. She also pulled the darkness from Merlin. Had he been a Dark One hiding in plain sight?

Back in Storybrooke, Hook realized what Emma had done. There were now two Dark Ones. Emma wanted to right the wrong before telling him. Let’s just say Hook looked PISSED. Dude, she just saved your life.

Hello Again

The second episode was all about Merida. In a nutshell, her dad had a helm created before his death. And guess who killed him? ARTHUR! Mulan taught Merida how to fight. Two years after her father’s death, a witch came to Merida asking for payment or the helm. If she didn’t get either one, she would turn all the women into bears.

Arthur and Zelena were looking for that helm, which apparently had the power of making other men fight their battles. Merida was crushed, because she believed this meant her father wasn’t who she thought he was. Merida and Mulan set out to find the helm. In the process, Mulan freed Ruby. Merida and Arthur fought, with Ruby taking care of Zelena before she could hurt Mulan. Merida found and kept the helm, which had never been enchanted in the first place. It had been a test from her father the entire time. Good one, dad!

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— Avery Thompson

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