Mom Knits Disney Princess Wigs For Little Girls Battling Cancer — So Amazing

Do you believe in magic? One amazing mom came up with a wonderful idea, handmade yarn wigs for little girls who are fighting cancer. Their project is a creative, yet comfortable way, for these children to cover their heads while helping them feel like a 'princess'. Holly Christensen, 31, came up with a unique way to help little kids who are battling cancer. With the help of fellow mom, Bree Hitchcock, she created a wonderful enterprise, The Magic Yarn Project. It revolves around making princess yarn wigs for children all over the country who are fighting cancer.

Disney Princess Wigs Kids Cancer
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One of the most difficult transitions to deal with after a cancer diagnosis is losing your hair. For little kids undergoing chemotherapy, this is a massive shock which can be emotionally traumatizing. Holly, a mom from Alaska, first came up with the idea when she made a Rapunzel yarn wig for a friend’s little girl who was battling the disease.

“I am a nurse and have been a cancer nurse in the past,” Holly told Buzzfeed, “which is what has given me the drive and passion for this project. This project was first inspired when I found out last fall that the daughter of one of my college friends was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 2.” She went on to add, “Knowing how sick she would get and how difficult it would likely be for her to lose her long, blonde, curly hair, and knowing that the chemotherapy would make her bare scalp too sensitive and tender to wear a traditional wig, I made her a Rapunzel yarn wig on a soft crocheted beanie and sent it to her.” How amazing is that?!

“She loved it! It lit a little fire inside me and I thought that perhaps I could start making these princess wigs and sending them to cancer centers around the country,” the proud designer revealed. The idea was simple, yet it’s making a world of difference for so many cancer stricken children. Creating soft and beautiful yarn wigs for little warriors who are bravely battling cancer. Join us in helping bring some magic into their lives.

Holly stated that she “figured it would be a very special, but small project that I could involve a few friends and women from my church in, but when I took to Facebook this September to request yarn donations to get my project started, my request went viral!” As it should! And the rest became a real piece of magic! Massive amounts of support have poured in, helping the first Magic Yarn workshop make more than 40 princess yarn wigs at an estimated total investment cost of only $650. These wigs are given free of charge to precious children in hospitals around the country.

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— Brittany King 

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