‘Scream Queens’: Wes’ Dark Secret Revealed — Plus Another Kappa Dies

'Scream Queens' went a little 'Psycho' tonight, in the most beautiful way ever. Thanks for that, JLC. Let me just start with the best scene we've seen in a long time: Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) yelled at the red devil for attacking her in the shower, saying she's seen Psycho 50 times. In reality, we're sure that JLC has watched her mom's movie far more times than that. Anyway, she then beat the crap out of both red devils and a little man woman dressed as Supreme Court's Antonin Scalia. However, she survived when someone else, wasn't so lucky. Uh oh!

Scream Queens
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Most of this week circled around Grace (Skyler Samuels) and her perfect jawline trying to find out more about that bathtub baby. The dean gave her the baby’s mother’s name: Sophia Doyle. She wasn’t happy that it wasn’t her mom. So she and her sidekick went back to the asylum and asked the painter if she remembered the woman with the baby. And she gave them a painting of Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) — holding a boy and a girl baby.

After approaching Gigi, then her father, she still pretty much had no answers. Until Chanel (Emma Roberts) did a background check on her and found that her mother had a record. In probably the meanest speech since Brooke Davis’ “If you love me you’ll probably die soon, see mothers one and two,” Chanel told her how much of hot mess her mother was — and that she died drunk driving not in a fire.

She was the “Waterfalls is my jam” girl from the premiere, and met Wes (Oliver Hudson) that night. Her dad later admitted it — and with that, Grace pretty much blacklisted her father — and Gigi suggested he have her committed. Normal? Sure.

We have to point out another epic moment of the episode: the red devil killed Jennifer, the crazy candle girl, while she was doing a candle vlog — then he covered her body in wax for the house to find. They had a candle vigil under the tree, of course, with “Eternal Flame” playing in the background.

Also, in an epic beard and “Everyday I’m Mustling” shirt, Boone (Nick Jonas) returned. During a gym visit, he chatted with someone, and revealed that Gigi was the problem (and was in the Antonin Scalia costume), and was messing with all the killings. Alright, we kind of agree. Do you think Gigi will die next/do you hope so?!

— Emily Longeretta


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