Michael Clifford In Crutches: 5SOS Severely Injured After Falling Off Stage

Ouch! 5 Seconds of Summer star Michael Clifford has revealed he's on crutches after taking a nasty fall mid-performance at the Radio 1 Teen Awards on Nov. 8. Poor thing! We feel for you, Michael Clifford. 5 Seconds of Summer's accident-prone guitarist experienced another stroke of bad luck when he returned to London's Wembley Stadium on Nov. 8. The 19-year-old Australian was in the middle of performing at the Radio 1 Teen Awards when he actually fell off the stage! While Michael didn't appear to be suffering too much after the accident, the star has since admitted that he is now on crutches and we have to wonder: What does this mean for the band's upcoming performances?

London’s Wembley Stadium is not a friend of Michael Clifford. The 5SOS star had just begun strumming the first few notes when he seemingly disappeared from the stage. Michael jumped in the air, in tune with the beat, and seemingly lost his footing on the way down. Ouch! Though he appeared to get right back up and at it without skipping a beat, it turns out the incident actually left him in crutches! Michael took to social media following the show to confirm the news, tweeting, “WHY DO I ALWAYS HURT MYSELF.” He added: “All good geezers. On crutches for the next few days. don’t look at me funny pls lolz. Thanks radio 1 for having us!” Yikes! Needing crutches is serious, and definitely not fun. Hopefully his bandmates will all pitch in to help him out.

Despite all of the pain and embarrassment, Michael had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, and actually joked about the accident in an interview with Radio 1 after the show. “I was looking at Rita Ora and I was like… hey and I fell,” Michael said when asked what happened onstage. We get it — Rita’s a total bombshell. We don’t blame him for getting a little flustered.

Not unlike fellow boy-bander Harry Styles, 21, Michael appears to be a little accident prone when it comes to performing. As you might recall, the Aussie suffered another serious injury back in June when pyrotechnics torched his hair and face during a concert at the same stadium. Thankfully, he was able to receive medical care on the spot and went on to make a full recovery. Still, someone might want to think about getting him a helmet or maybe some protective padding. If history has taught us anything, he’s going to need it at his next show.

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— Alyssa Montemurro 

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