Justin Bieber Blushes After Ellen Calls Him Out For Being Naked With Jayde Pierce

Justin Bieber has nothing to feel "sorry" about when it comes to his nude photo scandal. He revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show Nov. 9 that it wasn't as terrible as he thought it was going to be, yet the topic still made him blush. So cute! Ellen DeGeneres, 57, is such a pro at getting celebrities to open up about things they'd rather not talk about. So it was little surprise that she totally went after Justin Bieber, 21, and his nude shots that surfaced on the web, after paparazzi caught him in the off guard on vacation in the South Pacific. He admitted he should have been more aware of the paps' presence, but in the end, he wasn't all that embarrassed about the final product that we all got to see!

Image Credit: Courtesy of Ellen

Ellen broke the ice over the nude picture scandal by saying “Speaking of you in your underwear let’s talk about the paparazzi shot in Bora Bora,” to which Justin agreed, referring to his nude stroll at his private Polynesian bungalow while vacationing with on-again/off-again girlfriend Jayde Pierce, 20.

She pressed on, “Cause usually we’re all pretty good at spotting paparazzi. They hide in boats and pretend to be fisherman and we’re like, you’re paparazzi. I mean, we’re pretty good at it. How did you not see that there was paparazzi there?” quizzing the Biebs for not being more aware of his surroundings.

Justin replied “Well I just didn’t see them. I think I wasn’t really looking out for them either,” but Ellen pressed on, “when you think back on it now can you see where they may have been?” The “Sorry” singer admitted he should have been more aware of their presence, adding the paps were “definitely in a boat,” which drew laughs from the audience.

As to when he realized what had happened, Justin revealed “It was pretty much like a couple of days later. Scooter (Braun, Justin’s manager), he was like ‘yo I hate to tell you this, but your penis is on the Internet.’ I was like, ‘what?’ The first thing I saw that the censored one and it had like the black thing over it. And I was like oh my goodness, like I don’t know what this is gonna look like,” he said rubbing his face and blushing in embarrassment. “And then it wasn’t like, as bad as I thought it was gonna be. It wasn’t as terrible,” to which he got a giant round of applause from the audience! Baby, baby OH!

Ellen said “I’m no expert, but I heard it was good,” to which The Biebs replied “it’s alright.” Justin is kicking off an entire week of appearances on The Ellen Show and we can’t wait to see what else he reveals, in addition to hearing a week’s worth of amazing performances as he promotes his new album Purpose.

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