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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Edmond Gets The Tim Gunn Save For Fashion Week

Thu, October 29, 2015 11:01pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 9 Comments
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Courtesy of Lifetime

We can all let out a sigh of relief — after last week’s BEYOND SHOCKING elimination, Tim Gunn came through and made all of our fashionable dreams come true, as he saved Edmond from being eliminated — that’s right, he’s going to Fashion Week! With not three, but FOUR, designers competing for the big win, it really is anyone’s game…and the judges totally shocked us this week.

Fans TOTALLY FREAKED OUT when Edmond went home at the end of last week’s show, and RIGHT BEFORE fashion week. Not only has Edmond been one of the strongest, most consistent and beyond talented designers all season, but he also has auditioned for the show ever since the first season — if that doesn’t show dedication I don’t know what does. I feel like this season everyone thinks Tim Gunn is being a little too tough, so I think fans were definitely relieved when he swooped in, in the twelveth hour, with a seriously emotional save. Tim’s totally melting my heart this week.

“Look how far you’ve come, season after season of auditions,” Tim Gunn says when he walks in after the elimination news, adding that he feels numb — we’re all waiting for the save…AND THERE IT IS! EDMOND IS BACK IN THE GAME.

Okay, enough celebrating — time for the designers to get their heads in the game. This just got REAL. They have $9,000 to create a collection, so they head to their hometowns to start working — and Tim packs his meticulous little suitcase full of suits for the home visits.

Heidi says she hopes Ashley creates a plus-size collection — a Project Runway first! Mexico City in the 1950s is her inspiration, and she’s hand-dying fabrics and creating floral headpieces.

After they check out the collection, Tim heads to Ashley’s parent’s house, where he helps make tortillas and dines with the family. It’s so emotional to hear Ashley’s grandmother and her parents express their pride and happiness in how far she has come — and I’m so excited to see her plus-size collection come to life…it’s definitely very necessary, and it’s an amazing first for the show — but will the designs be up to par?

More water works as Tim visits Candice, who opens up about her relationship with her mother, a recovering addict. Her cute kids are there too, and we see a softer side of the leather and lace queen. Tim tells Candice to step back and edit — the attention to detail is exquisite, with laser cut leather and sequins, but is it too costume-like?

Up next, Kelly! Tim travels from coast-to-coast and arrives in Massachusets, where Kelly shows him a vibrant collection full of sequins, fanny packs and mesh. While it’s definitely bold, she put a lot of work into it — I think if she makes sure it stays chic it could be cool, and it feels very Katy Perry fabulous. Kelly has come so far on the show. Next, they head down the block to the restaurant Kelly used to work at, before Kelly surprises Tim with a trip TO THE DELI. Tim gets his very own Tim Gunn sandwich — am I the only one that kinda wants to try that?

Tim jets off to Atlanta to meet Edmond in his design studio. Edmond tried out 13 TIMES, since the VERY FIRST SEASON. His goal is dressing someone for the Met Ball, so he wants to send a major finale gown down the runway — it’s down to the wire, and Edmond has a lot of work to do. Hopefully he doesn’t overthink it and pulls it all together, because he is beyond talented. We all know Edmond loves a sexy look, but he’s going in a different direction. Hmm. Edmond takes Tim to meet his family, which actually inspired the collection — even though he hasn’t let them see it just yet. So many sweet moments with the home visits.

Back in NYC, Kelly is the only designer who is completely done with her collection…and Edmond has the most work to do, as he has three pieces left to make. Literally DOWN.TO.THE.WIRE. With all of the last minute surprises, having so much work to do can be tricky…and that proves to be the case, when the designers are told they have to make a new look. The designers will show the judges two looks from their collection, along with the new look — a sampling of sorts.

Sidenote: Ashley’s turquoise fabric makes me really nervous.

Okay, runway time! Fashion Week is so close but so far. Edmond seems thrown by the critique — Nina wants him to bring sexy back. Nina and Zac agree that he needs to drop the first look — they don’t think the collection is cohesive at all. Heidi loves the white frock, calling it a show-stopper — and I agree. Edmond is disappointed by the judges response.

Zac wants more glitter and thinks Kelly totally refined her style. Heidi isn’t impressed with the fabric — and I have to agree. Nina doesn’t think they look expensive — I think the issue here is within the three pieces Kelly chose to show them. I agree, it’s a bit lackluster.

Ashley — Zac calls out the fit, and how it needs to be fixed. “It felt a little sloppy,” he says — and I have to agree. I’m so confused by the looks these designers decided to show the judges. Zac thinks it is cohesive and says the potential is there, which is amazing. Nina calls it a “consistent message” with “great options” for full-figured women. Nina misses Ashley’s prints — she wants to see it represented throughout the collection. She also doesn’t want the crown on every single look. “It’s about the clothes, it’s not about the crown,” Nina says. Heidi loves the head gear and loves Ashley’s spirit. Ashley is relieved they called it cohesive. Let’s be honest, Ashley’s making Project Runway history, so it’s a whole different ball game for her — it’s about stylish, plus-sized clothing here.

Candice’s Asian-inspired collection is the last to be critiqued. Zac calls it “witchy bitchy” and calls it “costume town.” None of the judges like it — Heidi says it is all over the place. This sounds like Tim’s warnings are getting echoed back. Heidi calls it cliche. “Alexander McQueen can do Alexander McQueen, you cannot,” Nina says. Ouch. She wants to see more Candice in the collection. Candice is completely “Blindsided” and Heidi says she has a lot of work to do.
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Two days left and “anyone’s competition to win” Heidi reminds them. Zac says to not caught up in each ther’s drama. Nina says don’t panic, it happens all the time in real life. “Don’t panic.”

The final takeaway from Heidi:
Edmond — “Sex it up, be Edmond”
Kelly — “Just go for it”
Ashley — “Focus on detail, fit is so important for you”
Candice: “Tone it down, especially on your styling. Be you”

“We want you guys, your inspiration, your ideas — give it to us!” Heidi says.

It really seems to be anyone’s game, and I’m surprised by that — I definitely thought by now we would see a designer or two totally rise to the top. Are you? What did you think of the critique?

Katrina Mitzeliotis