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Dog Goes Wild Watching Disney Dog ‘Bolt’ On TV — Adorable Video

Thu, October 29, 2015 10:14am EDT by Add first Comment

This is just too cute! When a dog named Stryker saw a clip from Disney’s dog-based action/adventure movie ‘Bolt,’ he couldn’t help himself from freaking out over seeing a little white pup on the screen! Watch the hilarious video here!

Who knew dogs could have a favorite movie? A Belgian Malinois named Stryker does, anyway! His owner put the animated Disney dog flick, Bolt, on the TV, and he completely loses it whenever the movie’s main character makes an appearance. Stryker’s reaction is absolutely adorable, and luckily his owner caught the whole thing on camera!

As soon as Stryker sees the video playing, he bolts (no pun intended) over to the TV and is immediately glued to it. Clearly waiting for little white Bolt to show up, Stryker anxiously stares at the screen in excitement. When Bolt finally appears, Stryker practically knocks the TV over trying to get to him! It’s almost like Stryker thinks Bolt is real, and it’s totally adorable to watch him try to greet the animated pup. There’s even a few points in the vid where Stryker is so overwhelmed with excitement, he has to grab a nearby stuffed animal and wrestle it! But even when he’s jumping around or playing with toys to celebrate his favorite film, Stryker never misses a chance to jump and bark at the screen when Bolt is on it!

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In the caption for the vid, Stryker’s owner mentioned that he was given Bolt on BluRay for Christmas. So not only does Stryker have a favorite film, he has his own copy of it! Even though Stryker has probably seen the movie a million times by now, we have a feeling his excitement to see his animated friend hasn’t faded!

We had no idea a dog could get that excited over a cartoon puppy, but now we’re curious to know if there are other dogs like Stryker who freak out over movies like Bolt. Regardless, we absolutely love that Stryker’s owner wanted to share his hilarious movie watching with the world!

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Did you think Stryker’s reaction to Bolt was adorable, HollywoodLifers? Do you have a pet that has a favorite movie? Share with us below!

— Taylor Weatherby