One Direction Releases Gorgeous Individual Album Covers For ‘Made In The A.M.’ — Pics

There are now four more reasons to get excited about 'Made in the A.M.' One Direction is treating their fans to incredible individual album covers, each featuring a hot 1D member. Has ours arrived yet? If you're a One Direction fan, expect your bank account to be a little lighter around November 13! The band is releasing four different covers for Made in the A.M., each featuring a different 1D member. It's going to be hard to resist not buying all four! Click through to see the amazing covers!

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Seriously, does One Direction expect us to pick a member we love the most, and just sit content with that album cover forever? The lads are marketing geniuses; obviously we’re gonna have to collect ’em all!

We’ve already seen the main Made in the A.M. cover, which shows the band hanging out together on a sofa, looking almost like something someone snapped at a chill house party. The individual covers, however — rest our racing hearts! Each cover shows a 1D guy in their full glory, shot in black and white. Because no two 1D members are alike, just like snowflakes, their individual album covers all reflect their killer personalities.

Take a look at Harry Styles, for instance. He’s the carefree, lovable one. Possibly making us watch him whip, watch him nae nae. Definitely wearing your granddad’s clothes, and looking incredible. Liam Payne is the brooding member of the group, looking striking in slicked-back hair and a denim jacket. He’s lamenting on something lost — or about to go into badass mode. Maybe he’s just being thoughtful.

Louis Tomlinson looks positively boyish and joyful, flashing a huge grin offscreen like he just made an amazing joke that he wants the other guys to acknowledge. Louis, you light up our world like nobody else. And Niall Horan; oh Niall! He’s looking a bit moody, and has decided to set those phasers to stun. The brood is so strong with this one, he has to stare down the camera — and into our souls.

HollywoodLifers, are you excited to snag a copy of Made in the A.M.? Tell us in the comments!

— Samantha Wilson 

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