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Donald Trump Slams John Kasich For Getting ‘Nasty’ During GOP Debate

Wed, October 28, 2015 10:03pm EDT by 2 Comments

The claws came out early during the third Republican Debate on Oct. 28. Ohio Governor John Kasich kicked things off by attacking Donald Trump, calling him unqualified to be president! Donald fired back, accusing John of going ‘nasty’ only because he’s behind in the polls!

John Kasich, 63, is done being a nice guy and he’s done with Donald Trump, 69. John wasted no time during the third Republican debate, immediately going after the former Celebrity Apprentice star by dissing him as someone who “cannot do the job” of being president. Uh-oh. You know Donald wasn’t going to let that slide!

It didn’t take long for the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder to turn into a battlefield. John opened the Oct. 28 event by ripping into Donald’s tax plan as “fantasy.” But when John said he helped Ohio find success through balancing budgets and cutting taxes, Donald responded by saying he got “lucky.”

“First of all, John got lucky with a thing called fracking, okay?” said Donald, straight up dissing John’s claim that he had anything to do with Ohio’s success. “He hit oil, he got lucky with fracking, believe me. That’s why Ohio is doing really well.”

Dang! But — surprise, surprise — Donald wasn’t done. He slammed John with the same anger he used to slam Jimmy Kimmel.  Donald dissed John for being “on the board” of of Lehman Brothers, the firm that reportedly caused the economic slowdown of the mid-2000’s, according to the Telegraph. When he was done with saying John caused the near-collapse of the American economy, he said John was only attacking him because he was falling behind.

“He was so nice,” Donald said of John. “He was such a nice guy. And he said, ‘Oh, I’m never going to attack.’ And then his poll numbers tanked. That is why he is on the end. And he got nasty, and he got nasty. So you know what? You can have him.”

It’s true that John was almost dead last in the polls, and that more people are talking about him than ever before. But, after that slam by Donald, John might want to avoid going up against an experienced insult-master like The Don.

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Who do you think won that fight, HollywoodLifers? Did Trump prove why he’s the boss, or did John Kasich show why he should be president?

— Jason Brow