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‘Are You The One?’ Recap: A Lover’s Luau Turns Into A Lover’s Squabble

Wed, October 28, 2015 11:01pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

It seems like Chuck has taken the spot as house villain — but this week, Devin may just be replacing him. Seriously, where do these guys come from?

Last week’s match, Chelsey and Conner, were enjoying the honeymoon suite, but they shouldn’t expect company any time soon! After Chuck screwed over Hannah last week by hooking up with Britni, the house thought that maybe Kiki was his match — everyone that is, except her.

We watched Chuck try to convincing Kiki that he was ready for a serious relationship and kids — sleeping with two people a day apart last week wasn’t a great start, but a man can try. They even ended up on the most romantic date: a helicopter ride and a super sweet conversation. Later at the “lover’s luau,” they spent the night dancing and connecting. Even Devin was jealous watching. However, Chuck screwed up again when he started making out and getting a lap dance from Britni. Wait, we saw this happen last week, right?

Austin/Cheyenne landed in second place on the date, but their ice cream date didn’t have any chemistry. It was Chuck and Kiki who were sent into the truth booth, so it was awkward to say the least. The minute they left the room, Devin said that if she returned to the house, he planed to “f–k her and then tear her down.” Nice. Guy. He admitted off camera that he wouldn’t let himself be around anyone who had the ability to hurt him — which was clearly the reason he got so upset. Unfortunately for her, she and Chuck were not a match, and with that, Devin snapped and flipped the living room table, breaking everything.

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Meanwhile, Chuck’s ex Hannah also moved on from him at the lover’s luau with Zak. He was totally/literally feeling Hannah, and Cheyenne wasn’t thrilled. They ended up in their underwear in the water together — and then later, in bed together.

Before the final ceremony, Austin let people know they needed to start using strategy. And guys, he was serious. So here’s how the picks went:

Chuck picked Amanda
Tyler picked Hannah — because he put strategy over his connection with Melanie
Zak picked Kayla
Austin picked Cheyenne (even though they had no chemistry)
Hunter picked Britni
Alec picked Stacey
Nelson picked Kiki (which prompted Devin to say things are “not over if I don’t want them to be.”)
Devin picked Rashida
Mike, by default, picked Melanie

Conner and Chelsey were obviously the match last week — so how many new matches were made? Two. Needless to say, people are not happy that all their strategy talk is clearly not working.

— Emily Longeretta