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‘Wicked City’ Premiere: Ed Westwick Is One Hot Cold-Blooded Killer

Tue, October 27, 2015 11:00pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Ed Westwick returns to television in the new thriller ‘Wicked City’ that will make you forget all about Chuck Bass (at least for a little while). The show’s series premiere aired on Oct. 27, introducing us to the murderous ways of a charming Los Angeles serial killer.

Ed Westwick is leaving the Upper East Side behind for the Sunset Strip. Wicked City premiered on Oct. 27, and Ed plays a cold-blooded killer. In the series premiere, Kent showed off his lethal ways and met his match in Betty (Erika Christensen). However, a young journalist (Taissa Farmiga) and a determined cop (Jeremy Sisto) are hot on his trail.

It’s 1982 on the Sunset Strip. Ed Westwick — er, Kent — is cruising down the highway looking hot as hell. He goes to the club, and he’s on the prowl. He spots a girl, Karen, in the crowd. He finds her at the bar and turns on the charm. She’s a journalist who’s looking for her big break. Kent, being the “nice guy” he is, offers to help her out and get her gigs. He’s a little creepy, but with looks like Kent’s, Karen isn’t running for the woods.

Kent decides to take another poor innocent soul out for a ride that ends in bloodshed. While she’s giving him a blow job — yes, really — he stabs her to death. This is all while “Feels Like The First Time” is playing on the radio, the song Kent dedicates to Emily before her death.

Emily’s body is placed at the site of the Hillside Strangler’s first kill, which brooding cop Jack notices right away. Oh, and her head is missing. Looks like someone might have problem with women. If you thought Ed’s character was going to be anything like Chuck Bass, think again. Kent has a thing for dead girls — he had sex with her after he killed her. 

Kent cleans up his blood-filled car to get rid of all the evidence when he gets a knock at the door. He’s a babysitter. This necrophilia-loving serial killer is good with kids. The little girl wonders why he’s not married. “I just haven’t met the right woman yet,” he says. Kent’s also a low-key narcissist. He couldn’t help but watch the investigation surrounding his murder victim on TV.

Tainted Love

Jack’s put on the case with a new detective that he’s not a fan of. Despite his protests, he’s forced to work with Paco. Dude, you’ve got bigger things to worry about.

Kent goes on another date, this time with Betty. For this outing, Kent gives off a whole new vibe with those glasses. But just like every other date,  he schmoozes her. He gets her to leave with him. Their date continues like all his other ones — blowjob, song dedication — until her pager goes off. Her babysitter saves her in the knick of time. Once Kent realizes that she has kids, and she tells him that her kids were abandoned by their father, he rethinks his deadly plan. This guy has major family issues. Betty’s got her own issues as well. She walks on the violent side. She squashes a spider when her kids aren’t looking. Gross.

Jack knows that he’s not going to catch Kent the easy way. He decides to give a press conference saying the murderer had confessed. Kent responds by giving them a tip, leading them to find Emily’s head in a box. He also invites Karen to the Whisky for the Billy Idol concert, clearly plotting his next kill.

‘This Is Just The Beginning’

Fortunately, fate is a funny thing. Karen and her photographer friend (Evan Ross) sneak up to the crime scene. She remembers Emily from the Whisky. She agrees to help with the investigation, not knowing that she already knows the killer!

Kent and Betty try to have sex, but she’s just not doing it for him. He ties her up and tells her to stay very still. That’s when he gets off. It’s crazy awkward to watch. After he’s satisfied, he tells Betty “this is just the beginning.” He gives her a little taste of what he’s really about when he uses a knife to cut off her restraints.

Kent and Betty aren’t the only ones guilty of sins. Jack’s in a full-fledged side relationship with a woman who is not his wife. His side chick is a stripper, who knows everyone on the Strip. When Jack comes asking where the cocaine came from that was found in Emily’s pocket, Dianne has answers.

Wicked Mind Games & The Moment Everything Changed

Jack and Paco realize that the guy Karen’s going to meet at the Whisky could be the killer. Kent’s also been toying with them this whole time. Meanwhile, Kent tries to get Betty to come out at the last minute, and when she refuses, he flips out. He goes on this rant about “his needs,” and it’s clear he’s starving for attention in all aspects of his life.

After he hangs up on Betty, he spies Karen in the club. He starts to make his move, but then he sees her with Jack. Later, he makes the dedication on the radio for Karen, and Jack races to find her in the club, ironically bumping into Kent. Once again, Kent’s messing with Jack. He can’t kill Karen — for now.

Kent finds another girl and sees Betty when they start to exit the club. Time freezes for a moment, and then Kent says, “Are you coming?” He whispers something in her ear, and the smirk on her face proves she’s game for whatever he wants. All three of them walk away together. RIP, that random girl.

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Wicked City is a wild trip down memory lane. In this day and age when everything’s so technologically driven, it’s nice to go back to a time when there weren’t cell phones, Twitter or Snapchat. Ed Westwick is — as expected — a total charmer. He’s sexy, sinister and totally swoonworthy. With Ed and a supporting cast like Erika, Taissa and Jeremy, I’m ready for whatever this show throws at me — sex, murder and mayhem. Bring it on.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the series premiere of Wicked City? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson