Kate Middleton’s Glam Updo At ‘Spectre’ Premiere — Expert Tips To Recreate

Kate Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous at the 'Spectre' premiere in London on Oct. 26. Get tips on how to copy her intricate updo here! Kate Middleton, 33, always serves up serious hair inspo, and we especially loved the updo she rocked at the James Bond series premiere for Spectre on Oct. 26. Get her look for a holiday party with expert tips below!

Dante Pronio, Senior Stylist at mizu new york salon told HollywoodLife.com exclusively:

“This is a beautiful updo but very difficult to recreate yourself. I’m sure there were many steps involved to create this look! To recreate a similar look at home, I would start with smoothing the hair with a smoothing serum like Oribe Imperial Bowout then using a curling iron to set the hair. You want tight curls in small sections. Make sure to just leave the curl when finished — don’t brush it out or loosen it with your fingers. You then want to build some shape by spraying the roots with r+Co Death Valley and teasing the top with a comb. Simply pull forward the hair at the crown of your head and backcomb lightly. Leave this section out and then lightly and carefully pull the rest back into mid level ponytail.

Wrap and pin the pony into a loose chignon use some Oribe Light Reflecting spray to add shine if needed. This look seems very clean and glossy. Then bring the front that you left out back and into the ponytail. You can lightly brush back to make it look clean using a Mason Pearson. Just make sure you lightly brush back. Make sure you are saving some of the curl and secure it with pins to the chignon. Finish off with a hairspray.

If you have bangs like Kate does, you can style them either as a side part or straight down the middle. If needed, go over your bangs with a round brush and finish with light hairspray. This one is pretty difficult to recreate yourself!”

If you can’t attempt this look yourself, bring a photo of Kate to a hair salon like mizu!


— Dory Larrabee-Zayas

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