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‘The Walking Dead’: [SPOILER] Kills Himself & Puts [SPOILER] In Grave Danger

Sun, October 25, 2015 10:01pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

On the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead,’ survivors drop like flies while trying to outrun the walker herd headed straight towards Alexandria.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is left to survive on his own after the group gets split up on the Oct. 25 episode of The Walking Dead. In hopes of distracting the mass amount of walkers headed towards Alexandria, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) devise a plan that doesn’t quite go the way they hoped.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the Oct. 25 episode of The Walking Dead titled “Thank You,” and you do NOT want to be spoiled, I do not suggest you keep reading! This is a FULL recap of the episode that details what happened. Last warning: SPOILER ALERT!

The first thing we see at the opening of “Thank You” is Glenn running for his life, quite literally, through the woods. Rick is by his side, and they are followed by Michonne and at least seven Alexandrians by my count. You can still hear the horn blaring in the background which, as we know, means Morgan has yet to get home just yet. Someone in the group of Alexandrians is freaking out saying that at least half of the walker parade broke off and headed into the woods while Rick radios Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha to tell them what’s going on.

Daryl immediately wants to go back home to help with whatever is going on, but Rick tells him he needs to keep the herd moving. He hesitates, but eventually Daryl stays put. For now.

As the group continues running through the woods Glenn catches Nicholas spacing out, something he seems to do when he gets really scared. At the same time Annie, the woman they are with, trips and hurts her leg, which means now one of them are injured. It’s right after this that Heath realizes the horn is coming from back home, which sets off one of the Alexandrian men they are with. He starts to yell about how this is all Rick’s fault, but Michonne is quick to shut him up and get him moving again.

After running a bit more Rick stops the group to tell them he has a new plan. He is going to circle back and get the RV they used to hold up the wall where the walker parade turned and try to distract them away from Alexandria. He wants the group to keep moving on foot and get back home, but Glenn immediately wants to go with Rick to help. Michonne reminds Glenn that she needs his help, and that’s when Rick tells them that the group of Alexandrians won’t all make it back. He tells them to try as hard as they can to get everyone back safely, but is also very clear that they aren’t strong enough to do so. Unfortunately, Heath overhears this and becomes very skeptical of Rick, Michonne, and Glenn — as he should.

As if on cue there is screaming coming from the group, and when the three of them run back they find that one of the guys has been attacked by a walker. It took a bite right out of his neck and even after they kill it the man is still gushing blood out of his arteries. This time, Michonne is the one to end his suffering by sticking a sword into his skull as everyone watches. I believe at this point the Alexandrian count is now down to six, including injured Annie.

A moment later, the horn stops. Now we know that Morgan has arrived back at Alexandria, but we still don’t know if they’ll be able to deter the walkers the way Rick hopes to.

Rick Was Right About The Alexandrians

Some time after Rick leaves we watch as the group continues it’s trek through the woods back to Alexandria. Glenn believes they are anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes ahead of the walkers, which is a pretty safe distance so long as they keep it up. However, Heath and the other Alexandrians are starting to panic. Now that they have slowed time they have a moment to realize that whatever set off the horn probably meant a lot of trouble for their safe haven and the people in it. One of them tells the others to stop talking like that because his wife is back there and Glenn says, “Mine too.” Aw! Has he ever called Maggie his wife before? Swoon. Okay, I’ll stop.

Just when you thought things were a little too quiet… a small group of walkers appears in front of them. Glenn, Michonne, and Heath run ahead to try and take them out, but there are too many and eventually they head towards the group of Alexandrians behind them. Nicholas and some of the others are quick to start fighting, but one guy panics and pulls out his gun too quickly. Just as he fires a walker grabs him from behind, and he accidentally shoots one of the Alexandrian men, Scott, right in the leg. The weak guy goes running even after the others shoot the walkers around him, and they have no choice but to let him go.

Meanwhile, Scott somehow fends off not one but two walkers until someone kills it for him. Talk about being both lucky and extremely unlucky at the same time. He doesn’t seem to be bit or scratched, but now two of them have leg injuries and will need help walking.

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Things quiet down again as the group tries to take in everything that just happened, but that’s when another walker strikes and bites a man from behind. He is able to take the walker out, but now he has a bite in his shoulder that is eventually going to kill him. The group is now down to five Alexandrians, with two inured and one bitten. Rick was right, they are not going to make it.

Back at the walker parade Daryl is now riding right next to the car where Abraham and Sasha are. Even though a large part of the parade broke off due to the horn, there are still a ton of walkers following after them. Daryl tells Abraham and Sasha that he wants to head back, despite Rick’s orders. Sasha reminds him that if he leaves the walkers could easily stop the two of them. Daryl hesitates, but then sees a sign of Alexandria that seems to tug at his heart strings. After a moment Daryl turns to the car and says, “Nah. I got faith in ya.” Then he rolls off down the road without looking back as both Sasha and Abraham call after him. Apparently they have the same bad feeling that I do.

Michonne and Glenn’s group continues on despite their losses. As they walk up the quiet, empty road Michonne and the man that got a chunk bitten out of his shoulder chat about the before and after. He tells her he’s only been married a few months, and that his wife isn’t the woman he was married to before the world ended. He explains that he lost everything and had more or less given up when Aaron found him. On their way back they found Betsy, and he says that she was his first friend and then soon after became more. It’s a sweet story, but also heartbreaking considering that he’s dying.

Glenn Devises A Plan To Save Everyone

During their travels back to Alexandria they come across the small town outside of their safe haven. The injured rest at the entrance while Michonne, Glenn, Heath, and Nicholas check the cars to see if any of them are working. Unfortunately, there’s no such luck.

Once they start making their way through the town on foot they discover the hat of the weak man who went running off into the woods, calling him Sturges. It doesn’t take long before they find his body sprawled out somewhere nearby like an all-you-can-eat buffet for the group of walkers who are chowing down on him. Gross.

The gruesome discovery causes Nicholas to space out again, but Glenn quickly grabs him and brings him back. This is the second time this happened this episode and I can’t help but wonder if the spacing out will be a bigger issue later on.

Unfortunately, the herd is slowly but surely making it’s way into the town. Nicholas is in the lead, and he eventually brings the group into a pet store that is surprisingly safe. There are no walkers or evil hamsters lurking around, so they have a few moments to rest and patch up Scott. Glenn devises a plan to distract the walkers, telling Heath, Michonne, and Nicholas that if they could burn a building or two it would keep the herd from continuing on. Nicholas offers to help and even though Glenn seems uninterested, he accepts.

But first Glenn has to update Rick, who is on the run all by himself headed back towards the RV. It should also  be noted that Glenn is incredibly nervous, and the fact that he pulls out Herhsel’s watch and clutches it tightly tells us that. It’s like this is his way of praying that everything works as planned. When he finally updates Rick he tells him the plan they’ve devised and ends the message with, “Good luck, dumbass.” It seems harsh, but it’s actual the kindest sentiment those two share.

While Glenn is speaking Rick has to kill three walkers and somehow in the midst of it all slices the palm of his hand wide open. Just one more thing holding him back from saving Alexandria.

After Glenn and Nicholas leave to distract the oncoming herd, the three injured Alexandrians tell Heath and Michonne to leave them behind. They know they are slowing the group down and are willing to sacrifice themselves to save everyone else. Both Heath and Michonne refuse to let this happen, despite what Rick said earlier in the episode.

A moment later Michonne corners Heath to ask him what his problem is. He’s been really sassy with her throughout this whole thing, and he threw major shade at her when his friends opted to be left behind for the greater good. He finally tells her that he overheard Rick suggesting they leave the rest of the group behind when the time comes, but Michonne couldn’t care less. She reminds Heath that she is still there helping them, and that Glenn is out risking his life to help keep Alexandria and everyone in it safe. Sadly, Heath doesn’t care about any of that. He’s too blinded by the fact that Rick could even suggest such a thing, forgetting that the former sheriff survived on the run a while the people of Alexandria were hiding behind a wall. Michonne doesn’t hesitate to remind him about that.

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“Have you ever had to kill people because they’d already killed your friends and were coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterwards? Have you ever been cover in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours, or walkers, or your friends?” Michonne asks Heath angrily. He stays silent, to which she replies, “No.” And she’s right, and he knows it this time, too.

Nicholas & Glenn Get Into Big Trouble

Meanwhile, Rick finally gets to the RV. Even with his hand ripped open he books it on the road to follow his plan of distracting the herd before they hit Alexandria. At the same time the herd arrives on the street where the pet store is and Michonne’s group has no choice but to make a run for it. The lose Annie almost instantly which is no surprise considering her leg injury. However, when Glenn and Nicholas get to the feed store they were planning to set ablaze it’s already been burned down. They freeze in the road, and that’s when Nicholas spaces again. Glenn somehow snaps him out of it, forcing him to make a decision on which way to go. Nicholas drags him in one direction, and we see that Michonne and her group are cornered by a part of the herd. Everyne makes it over the iron gate except for the man who had been bitten.

As for Glenn and Nicholas, they are also trapped… but their situation is much worse. Walkers are on both side of the only fence they can climb, and they have nowhere to go. Literally nowhere. They start picking off walkers one-by-one until they run out of ammo and that’s when they switch to their knives, but it’s useless. They are outnumbered. Holy crap, is Glenn about to die?

In a desperate attempt to save their lives Glenn pulls himself up onto a dumpster, then helps Nicholas after him. At this point they must be surrounded by a hundred walkers with more on their way down the alley. Realizing that this is probably the end, Nicholas spaces out one last time as he stares down at the walker insanity below him. When Glenn tries to snap him out of it again it doesn’t work, and Nicholas just looks up at him to say “thank you” before shooting himself in the head.

Glenn is still holding onto Nicholas when his body falls to the ground, and it looks like he falls underneath him just as the walkers surround them. Glenn’s head is exposed though, and all we can see is that someone — hopefully Nicholas — is being torn apart by the walkers. He’s definitely gone, but what about Glenn? The last thing we see is the camera pan out as the walkers cover both of their bodies. With that many walkers, can Glenn really survive underneath Nicholas’ dead body? If so, for how long?

When we go back to Rick, he’s stopped the RV in the middle of the road where he plans to distract the walkers. he reaches out to Glenn on the walkie but no one responds. He reaches out to Tobin, but nothing. Next is Daryl who answers but neglects to tell Rick that he’s well on his way back to Alexandria already. In a moment of silence Rick hears gunfire coming from back home and gets back on the walkie to tell everyone to ignore it. He tells them they need to keep fighting to keep the herd from hitting Alexandria, and that they need to survive whatever is happening there now on their own. But, even after some support from Abraham, Rick seems pretty upset thinking about it. After all, both Carl and Judith are back in Alexandria, as well as many others that he considers his family. For instance, there is Maggie, Carol, Eugene, Tara, and Rosita just to name a few.

Rick Gets Ambushed

But Rick isn’t allowed to be upset for long because he’s ambushed inside the RV. A blonde man with a handgun hops inside and starts firing, but Rick manages to tackle him without getting hit. Daryl heard the gunfire over the radio and floors it when Rick doesn’t respond to his call. Just as Rick thinks he has the guy handled, another man jumps inside and hops on top of Rick so now he’s outnumbered. But let’s remember that he’s Rick Grimes… and that’s why it’s no surprise when he manages to wriggle out of the struggle, grab a gun, and blast both dudes in the head before they can strike again.

Once they are dead Rick searches them for more weapons, and that’s when he finds a jar of baby food in one of the guy’s pockets. Now some of you diehard viewers might already know this, but there is a fan theory going around that Enid took baby Judith when she left Carl in episode two. If this is true, and she’s with the Wolves now, it would explain why he has a jar of baby food stuff in his pocket… which totally freaks me out.

Before he can decide what’s next a sound outside of the RV reveals that there is a small group of people sneaking up alongside it. Very carefully Rick pulls out a large gun and fires through the wall, leaving a lump of bodies on the road besides the RV. When Rick tries to start the RV up so he can deter the walkers that are arriving, it fails him. The RV is dead, just like all the people he just killed, and now he’s trapped as walkers emerge from the woods.

We get to see the moment Michonne, Scott, and Heath arrive back at Alexandria and it’s not pretty. The first thing they see is the massive truck that crashed into the watch tower where Spencer was when the Wolves took over. At the very same time Daryl arrives back to the front of the parade where Sasha and Abraham are leading the way.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think the Wolves have Baby Judith? Were you sad to see Nicholas kill himself, or are you more worried about Glenn? Comment below with your thoughts.

— Lauren Cox