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‘The Walking Dead’: Did [SPOILER] Really Just Get Killed Off? — EP Reveals

Sun, October 25, 2015 10:15pm EDT by Lauren Cox 21 Comments

The life of a HUGE character on ‘The Walking Dead’ was just left hanging in the wind. Click inside for more details about [SPOILER]’s potential death!

On the Oct. 25 episode of The Walking Dead, we return to the world outside of Alexandria’s walls where Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and others are fighting to stop a walker herd from hitting their town before it’s too late. Throughout the hour characters dropped like flies, which Rick predicted early on, but there is one scene that leaves one of his closest friends in life-or-death limbo. So, did [SPOILER] really just get killed off of The Walking Dead?

WARNING: SPOILERS! If you have not already watched the Oct. 25 episode of The Walking Dead titled “Thank You,” and you do NOT wish to have it spoiled, please stop reading. No, seriously, I’m about to get into some wild and crazy details that will spoil the entire episode. Last warning: SPOILERS BELOW!

Is Glenn dead? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself since Nicholas shot himself in the head and took the former pizza delivery man down with him into a herd of unstoppable walkers. If you watch very closely you will see that Glenn clearly falls underneath Nicholas, but he’s left exposed once their bodies hit the ground. We’re forced to watch as walkers tear open someone’s abdomen and start pulling out internal organs for an early dinner. Although it’s likely Nicholas they are chowing down on, we can see Glenn from his shoulders up and I have to say… in my opinion, there is no way he can survive that.

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Not only is he exposed, but they are surrounded by hundreds of walkers. Maybe more than that, because shortly before the two men fall into the herd we see that even more are headed down the dead end alley.

Here’s what Scott M. Gimple had to say in a statement provided to Talking Dead: “In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again,” host Chris Hardwick read to the audience. “To help complete the story.”

I don’t know, Walking Dead fans. I can’t imagine that that’s how Glenn would go out, especially since, as many of you already know, his character doesn’t meet his end until Negan comes around in the comics. But this is The Walking Dead, and therefore no one is ever really safe. Here’s how Lauren Cohan feels about it all.

But Wait, Do The Wolves Have Judith?

As I mentioned in my recap, there is a fan theory going around that Enid took Judith when she left Carl’s house in episode two. In episode three Rick is attacked inside the RV, and upon searching one of their bodies he discovers a jar of baby food in one of their pockets.

Now, if you watch closely at the end of “JSS” (which aired Oct. 18) you will notice that after Carl discovers the note from Enid, Carol’s casserole timer goes off. Even though we can see the timer up close as Carl turns it off, we can’t see the baby monitor. It feels very intentional, especially knowing the fan theory circulating around, doesn’t it?

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Could Glenn be dead? Do you think he can survive that walker attack under Nicholas? What about baby Judith, do you think the Wolves have her?

— Lauren Cox