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Ken Baker Talks Challenges Behind ‘Finding Forever,’ Plus Future TV Show Hopes

Fri, October 23, 2015 3:36pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment
Finding Forever Ken baker
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Ken Baker is back with book number three — and it may just be your next obsession. As a celebrity journalist, Ken knows the ins and outs of the world, and his main character, Brooklyn, is about to learn them all. Here’s everything he told us about ‘Finding Forever’

“Passionate, Obsessive, Intelligent — Brooklyn Brant has many of the qualities you find in most effective journalists,” E! News Correspondent, Ken Baker told about the protagonist blogger in his new book — and first of the Deadline Diaries series — Finding Forever.

How’d you come up with the title Finding Forever, and the overall title, Deadline Diaries?
So much of our consumer culture is based on selling us on the the notion that we can and should be finding our forever. Skin creams, Botox, plastic surgery, oils, ointments, soaps. You name it and we are bombarded with this idea. And the face of this assault is, largely, the celebrity world. In the book, there is a doctor character who takes this obsession way too far and it has major consequences. That’s where my protagonist, blogger Brooklyn Brant, comes into the picture. She finds out what’s happening and does her best to uncover it and post on her before more people’s lives are destroyed.


How many books will the series be?
As many as readers want! I am halfway (or so) done with book two. I foresee a whole life and career ahead for Brooklyn and her friends and family. It will be exciting to see where all her investigations take her.

You clearly love writing books & you’re REALLY good at it — what’s your secret to avoiding writer’s block?
I believe there is no such thing as writer’s block. This concept was first taught to me by a professor I had at Columbia University named Samuel Freedman. And he was right! I mean, imagine a world where a surgeon comes into work one morning and declares, “Sorry, guys. I have surgeon’s block today!” No, that’s not okay. That’s not acceptable — even for writers. You sit down, keep your butt in the chair and do the best you can. There will be productive days where you write twenty pages and the words sing, and there will be others where you sit there and watch cat videos. But you have to put the butt in the chair and write. Buy Ken’s Finding Forever on Amazon!

Was it more difficult than you thought?
This series is a new challenge for me. My first two young adult novels — Fangirl and How I Got Skinny, Famous and Fell Madly in Love — were stand-alone stories. With Deadline Diaries, I had to really do a lot more outlining and overall story development because it is a series with a longer life span. Also, I feel like I am pioneering a little bit, almost carving a new sub-genre of “celebrity journalism thriller,” which is both exciting and scary. But I think it is important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I think I did a pretty okay job on it. Or at least I hope so!

Your other book,  Man Made: A Memoir of My Body is being made into a film with an A-list cast — is that your hope for this one?
>Well, that would be amazing, but if it takes as long as it took for Man Made to be turned into a movie — about fourteen years — I think I would prefer that Deadline Diaries be a TV series, sort of in the mold of Veronica Mars but for Millennials.

Which actress do you envision playing the lead?

Bella Thorne fits the profile. Like Brooklyn, she is young and smart and a redhead!

— Emily Longeretta