‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Wait, Does Stefan Salvatore Have A Baby?

Plus, when Bonnie, Alaric and Damon go on a hunt for Lily's other heretic, they find out that little Phoenix Stone is a little more dangerous than they thought. The Vampire Diaries has taken on a lot of really complicated human-with-vampire interactions, but not babies. That is, until now. Yup, I'm lookin' at you, Stefan (Paul Wesley).

Let me attempt to explain this whole Valerie/Stefan story here: they met when Lily (Elizabeth Blackmoresent her children to see Stefan in 1863, to make sure he was okay months after she had “died.” Valerie took his V-card and was his first love. He didn’t know about her connection to Lily, and she didn’t tell him. When Lily’s boyfriend, Julian, found them together, he was pissed and took her away. She sent a “telegram” (no FaceTime in the 1800s) asking Stefan to run away with her — but when he went, she never showed.

While Stefan assumed that she just stood him up, we found out that Julian actually stopped her and beat her to near death, and yes, killed Stefan’s baby that was in her stomach! Yup, she was preggers for a minute. When she woke up, she tried killing herself, but already had Lily’s blood in her system, so she became the first heretic. Oh, and she never told Stefan about the pregnancy.

“I just spent the day reliving Stefan’s first time. I really don’t feel like talking about my dead mother with my hostage taker.” Yup, that’s what Caroline (Candice King) told Lily and well, we can’t freakin’ blame her. Valerie had told her all the sexy details of their corset-untying — but left out the pregnancy part. Anyway, Caroline did get Lily to let her out, so there’s that. When she went to Stefan, he assured her that the past was the past. Yes, Steroline is still happening. Even though they can’t really touch yet because of the spell. 

On A Side Note

Meanwhile, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Alaric went on a hunt for Oscar, Lily’s other heretic.  Upon finding him, he attempted to help Bonnie with the nightmares, but quickly found out it was the Phoenix Stone giving her these nightmares and knocking her out for minutes at a time. Basically, he tried stealing it, but was taken down and Damon informed Lily she had him hostage and wanted Elena’s body back in exchange.

That’s probably not going to happen though, since Valerie showed up and captured him. She then killed him since he had found Julian, which was Lily’s instructions, and she didn’t want him back… obviously.

Just for a few last minute thoughts. We got a quick cameo of Tyler (!), telling Stefan he needed to leave town. With that, he lit his car on fire and grabbing his journal. We can assume this is a flash forward, but no word yet on why/when. Oh also, when Bonnie walked in to see Damon, we’re pretty sure she got a beautiful eye full before he covered himself up. That’s all.

— Emily Longeretta


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